How to set up production

You will need
  • Room equipped with the necessary engineering communications
  • Set of equipment
  • Agreement with suppliers of raw materials and consumables
  • Package of constituent and authorization documents
Rent the room, already keeping in mind the main components of the production process and further movement of the finished product. At your disposal there should be an area for the workshop - once, for a warehouse - two, and you will have to store not only what you produce, but also raw materials, which can be very diverse. In addition, it is worthwhile to build up a probable supply chain in your mind - pick up products from your warehouse and bring up raw materials should be convenient, which means take care that access routes of sufficient capacity lead to your chosen room.
Find out what technical equipment is required to organize the production of your chosen product type.Purchase the necessary set of equipment, bearing in mind that at the initial stage of high production capacity you will achieve nothing - first your project must pass the test for recoupment. It may be necessary to use specialized engineering communications to operate the equipment.
Explore the market of those materials that you need for the production of products as raw materials. Choose the most convenient for your purposes suppliers (price and delivery peculiarities), start to establish mutually beneficial cooperation with them. There should be no interruptions in the supply of raw materials, therefore stability is important above all in the work of your partners.
Hire, based on the technological features of your future enterprise, the minimum staff. Personnel plays a significant role in production management, but the needs of each individual enterprise and the requirements for its personnel equipment can be very diverse. Simple production (and it will be such at the initial pores) can be served only by working personnel, but as it grows, the need for engineering and technical workers will necessarily arise.
Collect all the necessary documents for the start of production and its operation. Some types of products do not require certification, and their production does not require licensing. But in any case, in order to use premises equipped for production, it is necessary for them to first be “approved” by the Federal Service for the Supervision of Consumer Rights Protection and Fire Protection Inspection (sometimes also other technical inspections and environmental services).
Helpful advice
In addition to raw materials, you also need to take care of the packaging for your products from the very beginning - in some cases this problem will be solved at the level of purchasing additional consumables, some will require the services of professional designers.
For troubles related to the organization of production, do not forget to think about how you will sell what you produce - contact potential customers, provide them with samples of the goods.
  • An article describing the process of organizing production (for example, handmade soap).