How to send a beacon with Tele2?

Anna Kazakova
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How to send a beacon with Tele2?

Probably, each of us had a situation in our life when we had to call urgently, but there was no money. Even at the dawn of the mobile era, this was a big problem. Now, almost all operators provide their subscribers with the opportunity to send a so-called "call back" or "beacon". By dialing a certain sequence of characters, you can send a text message to any recipient with a request to call you back using this service.

Each operator has a sequence of characters for this operation. Let's learn how to send a beacon with Tele2. The official website of the operator says that for this you need to enter the following combination of numbers: * 118 * addressee #, that is, for example, you need to send a "beacon" to your friend. The friend�s phone number is 8-921-123-456-7. The combination for the "beacon" will be * 118 * 89211234567 #. As you can see, it is necessary to write the number of the addressee without spaces and hyphens. Tele2 limits the number of beacons for its subscribers. Free you can only send 50 per month. For the rest will be charged.

By the way, when trying to call from Tele2, in case of insufficient balance, a message is automatically sent from this number with a request to call back, the subscriber to whose phone number you called