How to sculpt dumplings?

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How to sculpt dumplings?

Dumplings - boiled products that look like a bag, where the filling is wrapped in thin dough. Usually stuffing for dumplings made from minced meat, but can be made with mushrooms, vegetables or fish. There are many different options for making pelmeni.

How to make dumplings in the traditional way

Take a glass and cut circles in a thin sheet of rolled out dough. In this case, you will get ravioli, which completely fit in your mouth. If you like dumplings larger - cut with a cup of larger diameter.

The remaining trimming again put into action. Or dry them, and then cook instead of pasta in the soup.

Another way to form blanks is to roll the dough into a 1-2 cm diameter sausage, cut it into pieces and roll each circle separately.

So, we got a blank - circle.

  • In the middle of the mug put a teaspoon of minced meat;
  • fold the circle in half, pinch the edges. It turns out a figure resembling a crescent;
  • connect the ends of the crescent and pinch.

After reading these simple instructions, even a child will understand how to sculpt dumplings. Video of the whole process can be viewed at the bottom of the topic.

How to sculpt dumplings pigtail

To make traditional dumplings look more appetizing, we will decorate them with a pigtail. To do this, we take the finished "crescent" for the edge, and begin to wrap the place with a pinned edge under the corner. We repeat this method again and again along the entire length of the “crescent”, then we pull its ends to each other and are blind between each other.

How to sculpt dumplings in other ways

"Bags". Prepare blanks - circles, then, putting the filling, lift the edges up. It turns out dumpling in the form of "bag". In order not to unstick the pinned edges, they can be tied with an ordinary cotton thread. Do not forget to cut them after cooking dumplings.

"Cheburashka". Making blanks - squares as follows:

  • Roll out the dough into a thin sheet, sprinkle with flour, roll into a roll.
  • Cut across the small rolls, 3-4 cm wide, then unfold.
  • Strips test put on each other.
  • Cut into squares.

From the resulting square blanks we make dumplings:

We fold this square, already with the filling inside in half, pinning the edges. Bottom ends down to each other in a meeting. Then tightly blind them.

"Ears". The squares or rectangles of dough, already stuffed inside, fold diagonally. The edges of the resulting triangle are blind to each other. Bottom ends of the bottom-down cross-wise, and tightly laps.

In order for the edges of the dumplings to stick together better, lubricate them with protein or just cold water.

"Flower". Prepare dough blanks in the form of squares, laying out the stuffing, collect all the corners at the top. We fasten tightly. Get the dumpling in the form of a flower. The four edges are also formed. Very beautiful pelmenki obtained, if cut squares, blanks with a figure knife.

How to sculpt dumplings in a dumpling

Dumpling sprinkle flour, so that the dough does not stick. We cover it with a thin layer, and press, but not very much. Then, in each hole we put the stuffing from the meat. Top cover with a second sheet of rolled dough. Further, in order that layers are stuck together among themselves, we roll a surface with a rolling pin. Turn the shape over and shake it several times.Dumplings popping on the table.