How to Russify Telegrams

Telegram Messenger has long and very successfully competed with such famous messaging programs as Whatsapp or Viber, rapidly increasing the number of its regular users. Despite the fact that the author of this IT product is the well-known Pavel Durov (the creator of the social network VKontakte), the messenger was originally sharpened for the widest possible audience, therefore, in its original version, it offers users only an English-language interface.

How to Russify Telegrams

Is it possible to Russify the Telegram? The problem of translation of the program interface into Russian is solved with the help of special applications, which are provided free of charge by Robot Anton (@telerobot). The only nuance is related to the fact that for different operating systems (Android, iPhone / iPad, Mac, Windows) uses its own algorithm for downloading the file Russification. How to Russify Telegrams on a smartphone or home PC and translate all the working elements of the messenger into Russian?

Step-by-step instruction on the Russification of Telegrams on Android

  1. The Russification of Telegram on Android devices begins with the search for a contact named Robot Anton. To do this, you must enter telerobot in the appropriate field:


  1. If the Robot Anton send a message to the Android Locale, the answer will be the Russian.xml file:


This file will need to be downloaded (click on the arrow), and after a successful download, the Russian.xml shortcut should acquire the form of a clip.

  1. In the next step, open the file — call the menu (click on three dots) and select the Apply localization file line:


  1. In the list that appears, you will only have to choose the Russian language, after which the Telegram interface will become Russian-language, while you will not have to restart your android device.


How to Russify Telegram on iOS

Russification of Telegram on devices with the iOS operating system is performed using a similar algorithm: you need to contact the robot you need and request a file from it that translates the messenger interface into Russian. This robot will be the same Robot Anton, which you can send a message Locale iOS.


  1. To russify the Telegram call the bot using the search: @RusLangBot


  1. In the dialog window we get localization with / start.


  1. Next, select the operating system we need:


  1. Specify the desired language.


  1. Then it will be necessary only to download the file sent by the robot, open it and select the desired localization (Apply localization). Everything, the Telegram program on iPhone is translated into Russian!


You can Russify Telegram on your iPad in the same way by calling Robot Anton and writing the message “locale ios” to him. After sending such a request, the bot almost instantly sends a file with the Russian language, which remains to be downloaded and click on Aplly localization.

Russification Telegram on Windows

For computer devices running on Windows, a similar technology is used for the Russification of the messenger. Translate the program interface into Russian will help all the same Robot Anton.

  1. To Russify Telegram we call the bot with the message @telerobot and give it the command locale windows:


  1. Download the Russian.strings file:


  1. Go to the Settings menu, enter loadlang and in the window that opens, open the Russian.strings file (an alternative option is associated with the Change language option in the General menu):


  1. Restart Telegram and get the application in Russian.

How to Russify Telegrams on a Computer

Russify the messenger in several ways.

  1. Another quick way to Russify Telegram on a PC (including Mac) is to send a message to Robot Anton in the formlocate tdesktop:


  1. The bot's answer will be the Russian.string file, which you will need to save by pressing the right mouse button and selecting Save File As ... Next, go to Settings (Settings) and in the General section, while pressing Shift and Alt, click Change language.


  1. The following message from the messenger will tell you what to do to complete Telegram's Russification on your PC. Translation into Russian will occur only after a reboot.


Video: how to install Russian on Telegram

To translate the Telegram Messenger interface into Russian, you do not need special knowledge, because the developers themselves tried to simplify the Russification technology for ordinary users as much as possible.

And yet, clear examples of how you can Russify Telegram on Android, iOS or Windows in just a few minutes will help to quickly deal with the nuances of this procedure.