How to revive an old apartment

Spring cleaning

As a rule, huge amounts of dust and dirt accumulate in old apartments. Very often, the owners do not even notice how much garbage in the most unattended places of the apartment. Therefore, when carrying out a general cleaning, be sure to look where you usually do not look. After all, there lies the main stream of dust. Use modern cleaning tools and thoroughly clean every corner of your apartment. And after the cleaning, be sure to open the windows and ventilate the rooms.

Arrange the plants

Plants are essential helpers in every home. Thanks to him, more oxygen appears in the apartment, consequently, our activity increases and health improves. In addition, the plants give the apartment a special warmth and comfort.

Make cosmetic repairs

Renovation implies a small renovation of the apartment, improvement of its external condition. In order to make it, you first need to select the most critical places in your apartment. It may be old and torn wallpaper, shabby furniture, unpainted windows.Make yourself a list of things that must be corrected in the interior and continue to follow it until you complete all the steps. Gradually buy finishing materials, and in your free time gradually improve the condition of your home.

Add creative elements

Show your originality and decorate the apartment according to your taste preferences. On the Internet now there are many master classes and lessons on the decoupage of furniture and interior items. And in order to convert something old into new, you will need a minimum of funds. It is enough to buy a small can of acrylic paint and paint old things in several layers.

Make a small permutation

Put the furniture so that your apartment becomes visually larger, cleaner and more beautiful. If your apartment is too small, you can divide it into sections by adding partitions and wardrobe racks. In this business, the main thing is creativity. First, create in your imagination or draw a new type of your home, and then begin to rebuild items. Combine old stuff with modern. Perhaps this will be the highlight of your home.