How to return the white color to socks, T-shirts and T-shirts?

Such little white, so cute socks and T-shirts ... As they go - both adults and children! What are they smart and how neat look! White sportswear is especially good. But only if they are perfectly white.

There is nothing so spoiling the appearance, like washed-out white T-shirts, T-shirts and socks, which are either grayish, or yellowish, or dirty. This problem is especially urgent on children's things.
So what to do? Boil? Use expensive bleach? Throw away?
We offer another option. We propose to return the original whiteness of things using a very simple and affordable way.
Usually T-shirts, T-shirts and socks are made from durable materials that are not threatened by rapid decay. Therefore, we can apply to them various methods of bleaching.

1 way

For 10 liters of water, add 2 sachets (10 g each) of boric acid. Dissolve thoroughly. Soak white things in the solution.Leave for 2 hours. After two hours, take the clothes out of the solution and wash.

2 way

On a bucket of hot water, add about 200 g of detergent and a little potassium permanganate (the water should be slightly pink !!!)
Attention! Manganese should be dissolved first in a glass of water and poured into the bucket already a solution, so that in the bucket there were no crystals of potassium permanganate. Crystals can leave brown stains on clothes !!!
Put in the bucket already washed white things.
As closely as possible, cover the bucket with polyethylene and wait until the water is completely cooled, then rinse the clothes thoroughly.
As a rule, after such a procedure, things are bleached almost perfectly.