How to return the husband to the family?

At last you have told your husband everything! They have convincingly explained that his salary is negligible, that he does not pay attention to the family at all, does not help you and did not say a single compliment over the past year. But instead of apologies, promises and conciliatory gifts, he collected his things and left ...

How to return a husband

  • The first thing is to calm down and stop crying, endlessly sparing yourself. And only then, with a fresh mind to think about how to return the husband to the family.
  • Take a sober look at the situation. Decide for yourself, do you still love your husband? Do you want to live with him? Maybe it�s time for you to get away from it?
  • Think about why he leaves the family. It is clear that the scandal is only a reason, then what is the reason. (Discuss this question with him later, maybe there is something you don�t know)
  • Do you have a rival? Even if there is - this is not the end.

When we honestly and frankly admit to ourselves that life without it will lose its colors, we proceed to planning a strategy for the return of a husband.

Exposure methods

  • The most effective way to solve problems is dialogue.Remember that your husband is not able to understand your emotions, he reasons logically. Before you say something, pull yourself together. Speak calmly. In this crucial dialogue, use the techniques of �psychological aikido,� which were described in the eponymous book by M.E. Litvak. Use the method of "active listening".
  • Try to calmly and carefully listen to everything that the husband wants to say. Hear what exactly is trying to convey to you. Give in to him in something, and try to cherish his vanity. Rate the fact of his consent to this conversation, it says that all is not lost, and you have a chance to return it.
  • Do not listen to advice from girlfriends and relatives. This is your business and your husband.
  • It is vital now to critically evaluate your appearance and take decisive measures to improve it. No money - borrow! A man loves eyes. Therefore, you must look great. Bring back your inner sense of your own irresistible, carelessness, and cheerful. Sport, solarium, pool, cosmetologist will become your assistants in this.

Some women in such a situation thoughtlessly rush into the arms of psychics and all kinds of sorcerers: Help your husband return tofamily! If we exclude the element of quackery, the methods of conspiracies and love spells can seem very effective. However, it is necessary to understand that under the influence of these forces, a person suffers, and can seriously get sick. Love spell acts in such a way that a man does not want to go, but goes. Why do you risk your soul and the health of your descendants, if there are very real ways to return a man, using the achievements of science (psychology) and modern technologies (cosmetology).

It also happens that a woman sees and hears nothing, thinking that only supernatural forces can bring her husband back to the family. Conspiracies in this last resort can be found by clicking on this.

If he has a mistress ...

You feel that your husband has become distant, has become less attentive, is increasingly leaving home, and in the end, you will learn about the existence of a mistress ... First of all, take time out. Give yourself a break! Do not rush on the villain with his fists, like a tsunami, sweeping away everything in its path. After you take yourself in hand, calmly and adequately assess the situation. How far it all went. What is this - a fleeting meeting, or a novel lasting long enough? The love and passion of the first months of the adultery will quickly burn out, and you will remain if you behave wisely, as befits a real woman.

So, is it likely that the husband will leave the family? Usually the main reasons for leaving a man from a family are:

  • your displeasure
  • dissatisfaction with intimacy,
  • severe psychological situation in the family.

It is necessary to remove these reasons - it is in your power. Make life together more fun, often go somewhere with her husband. Better where your husband likes to be. Find common lessons for you two - it always brings together. Many couples have found a second wind, practicing in the studio of Latin American dances. Always be well-groomed and friendly. Do not make excessive claims. If you are still faced with the departure of her husband, do not bother him. It is much better to just call him sometimes, wondering about his health, talking about children. Demonstrate that it is still dear to you. Create in the house a pleasant atmosphere, comfort and peace. Suppose that in your common home he feels he is wanted and most needed person, and you can return your husband to the family. And he will never leave you.