How to return a mistress?

Relationships on the side in addition to pleasure and courage can cause a lot of problems - trouble at home or at work. If the family does not know what is happening, then the fear of being revealed does not leave the man. However, it is worth a mistress for some reason to get out of the relationship, not every young man will be able to let her go. In the article we will talk about how to return a mistress.

How to return a mistress back

What to choose when trying to return a departed woman - to give generous gifts or start to threaten? And can put pressure on feelings and pity? Everything will depend on the situation.

In any case, before you return the mistress, you need to answer the questions: why you were together, why she is not around now, why there is a desire to return her.

Money hunter

Most of the girls who allow themselves to have an affair with a not free man, are conducted on the material position of the boyfriend. Mistress gives her young years, sex and affection, and in return wants to get expensive clothes and cosmetics, jewelry and trips to rest.

However, if the lover’s increased appetite becomes unaffordable, she can easily find a new “wallet”.Therefore, the only way to bring the girl back is to promise the "golden mountains". Just think before you do, if you pull such expensive expenses and what you will do when the "price tag" soars very high.

Non-free male hunter

Nowadays there are a lot of women who are not averse to getting into someone else’s family in order to lead a man they like. And in the event that the spouses have differences and relations are far from stability, mistresses succeed.

However, the main idea of ​​such a chosen one is how to make a man leave his wife, that is, her desire is to achieve a divorce and take his rightful place.

In this case, you will need to take a decisive step - to apply for a divorce and make a proposal to your mistress or forget about her once and for all. Of course, you can convince the girl that you are already considering this proposal and soon decide on the act.

Hunter for the result

There are women who seize men for their victories. They do not care about the status and marital status of a partner. For her, it's like a game. As soon as the girl hears the coveted "love" - ​​she immediately loses interest in the chosen one and switches to a new "victim."

You can return the lover, if the guy will play on the feelings and turn the situation.It is only necessary to hint that he was the initiator of the gap and just did his job "with her own hands."

Behave yourself lightly and at ease, do not show real feelings and the lover will come back.

Mistress left to return

In addition, it is necessary to reflect, and does not the girl manipulate you? Maybe this is some kind of cunning move?

Typically, these tactics are chosen by women who are confident that a man is crazy about her and will not let go of her like that. This is done so that, on return, the man will reconsider his attitude towards her and devote more time, attention and energy.

Remember that any girl loves flowers, courtship and pleasant things. Maybe you lacked romance? Then arrange her a romantic evening. Or maybe she was tired of being on the sidelines? Then frank talk about feelings will help, if you really have something for her.