How to replace the engine according to the law?

Any cars from time to time need to replace auto parts. As a rule, all this happens without marks in the passport of the vehicle and other bureaucratic delays. However, more global replacements can occur, such as installing a new engine. How to arrange a replacement engine and whether it is necessary to contact the traffic police?

Do I need to make a replacement engine?

The rules of state registration and accounting of vehicles read as follows: when installing an identical motor with the same working volume, weight and power, it is not necessary to re-register the car. But to call the MREO still will not be superfluous. There you can find out whether this engine is not removed from the stolen car.

Is it possible to replace the engine with another one, differing in volume and other parameters? Of course, you have the right to install another unit, but in this case, the replacement will have to be coordinated with the traffic police. First, the department will consider whether there is a technical possibility in your case to retool the car, and then issue a permit.After that, you will need to contact MREO, where another engine size will be recorded in the new technical passport.

If you still use the old certificate of registration of the vehicle, where the engine number is recorded, then when installing any motor, the certificate will have to be changed. Under the new rules, the engine number is no longer recorded in the vehicle registration certificate. Therefore, if you do not replace the document, problems may arise. After all, in the data sheet you will have one number, and the car will have an engine with very different numbers.

Collecting documents for registration of a vehicle engine

So, in order to issue a replacement engine, you need to prepare the following documents:

  • technical passport - original and copy;
  • certificate of car registration;
  • original and copy of passport;
  • car insurance policy;
  • certificate invoice and customs declaration for the engine;
  • a document that indicates the transfer of the machine from the service where the engine was installed. This paper should indicate that all changes comply with the requirements of GOST;
  • the service center must also give you a copy of the certificate, indicating that the unit has been replaced.

After collecting all these documents, you will need to come to the registration and examination department, where you can write an application for replacing the engine. After that, the unit numbers are checked, and finally, you can give the application and all the documents collected in advance to the traffic police inspector.

Important notes

How to replace the engine so that in the future there are no problems? Replacement must be made at the service station, which has the necessary certificates. If the engine was brought recently and it is not registered in the city, it is sent to the city traffic police for examination. There, experts will issue a document that the number is indeed manufactured at the factory and has not been subjected to any changes.

And most importantly - the engine must be bought only legally. You can buy it both in the store and from a private person. But in any case, the seller is obliged to provide you with a certificate account or draw up a contract of sale. Any of these documents must be certified by a seal.