How to repair the stove in the car

You will need
  • - ordinary screwdriver;
  • - Phillips screwdriver;
  • - end wrenches;
  • - rozhkovy keys;
  • - rubber gaskets;
  • - silicone sealant;
  • - coolant.
The cause of a malfunction of the stove can serve as a corroded radiator, a faulty faucet or a heater pipe. In this case, under the feet of the driver or front passenger appears water or antifreeze. The tap or nozzle is easy to replace, even without removing the cover. Copper radiator, if desired, you can try to solder. Aluminum can not be repaired. In this case, you must install a new radiator. If a malfunction of the heater valve is excluded, the cause may be a disturbance in the circulation of coolant due to a narrowing of the lumen in the radiator tubes or an inactive thermostat valve.
To troubleshoot a malfunction due to impaired circulation, remove the radiator cover. To do this, drain the engine block coolant. In the engine compartment, disconnect the clamps on the radiator pipes and pull off the hoses. Unscrew the fasteners and remove the rubber seal.Dismantle the radio panel in the passenger compartment. Disconnect the crane drive cable mount. Remove the cable. Locate the spring clips on the fan casing, disconnect. Shift a casing aside and get a radiator.
Inspect the radiator, metal pipes and stove faucet. Replace if corroded or leaking. If the old radiator is in good condition, flush it. First, thoroughly clean the garbage and rinse outside. Then from the inside - first with a stream of water, then with gasoline and solvent. Remove scale. To do this, dilute with water edible citric acid. Fill the radiator for 2 hours. Drain the citric acid solution, flush the radiator.
Lubricate with silicone sealant. Screw the branch pipe and tap to the radiator. Now collect everything in reverse order. Pour antifreeze. Start the car, check the tightness of all connections.