How to repaint in red?

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How to repaint in red?

Sooner or later, any girl wants to change her appearance or the image as a whole. It has long been known to say that any changes in hairstyle, be it a haircut or hair dye, is the first sign that a woman is tired of everything and wants to change. Unfortunately, not every hair is easy to recolor or do it without damaging them. Therefore, after any painting needs careful care. Also, starting to dye your hair, you need to remember that one color will look completely different even on the same type of hair in different people.

If the choice fell on the red color - congratulations! Girls with red hair are a less common type in any part of the world, and also, they say, have their own character traits, for example, defiant temper, combined with seriousness. In this article we will talk about how from a blonde, brown-haired or brunette to repaint in red.

From blonde to redhead

The girls, thanks to their blond hair, look very innocent, cute and defenseless.But if the decision is made, and it does not change, we must act and repaint the hair. Of course, the dye is very important in dyeing, as well as how long it will last on the hair; in addition to this, the condition of the hair and their structure are also important. As a trial option, you can try a shampoo tinted on one strand. If the result is satisfactory, buy quality resistant paint of the same shade.

To blondes to paint in red is simple and easy, it does not cause difficulties with the selection of a shade, as the hair is blond, sometimes almost colorless and resembles a clean sheet of paper. But there is also a minus to which it is worth paying attention: any paint, including red, will quickly get off the hair it is worth washing your head several times. Hairdressers suggest dyeing hair every two weeks, until the pigment is absorbed at least a little into the hair.

From the brown-haired to the red

It is easier for brown-haired women to change images, and also to dye their hair and change. In terms of dyeing red hair, it is even more convenient for brown-haired ones - the color is washed out more slowly and in the process of washing the hair shade and the amount of redhead on the hair change.Repaint from dark to red even more convenient in that the color will be richer. Also, when choosing a paint, pay attention to the fact that brown hair will suit both tint and classic paint. Hair will have to tint a little more, but if you decide to completely dye, the paint will fall well on the hair.

From brunette to redhead

The hardest thing to repaint in red will be, perhaps, brunettes. Dark hair does not take foreign pigments well, so before you dye, you have to do a little work on them, which can later negatively affect the hair. If at home you decide to carry out your plans and repaint from black to red, stock up on hydrogen peroxide and dilute it with liquid ammonia and water. To lighten the need to apply the mixture to dry hair, wrap your head and keep it in a towel until the color brightens by 4-5 tones. And only after this brutal procedure can paint be painted.

Naturally, it is best to carry out both the coloring and lightening of the hair in the beauty salon with the master, whom you have already recommended. In no case do not have to experiment at home, especially for the first time with a new paint, otherwise it will turn back, perhaps a new waste of money and even a change in hairstyle.