How to rent an apartment?

As it seems to you at first glance, to rent an apartment will have no difficulty. Called the agency and ready. But in fact, this procedure can conceal a large number of pitfalls and difficulties, ranging from fraud of real estate agencies, and ending with the removal of the apartment, which is under arrest. Therefore, in this article we will try to tell you how to safely rent an apartment.

While searching for suitable apartment options, we will advise you to avoid the services of news agencies. The principle of these structures is to provide a list of addresses or phone numbers of surrendering apartments for a reasonable payment, a couple of hundred rubles. Usually in the contract that provides such enterprises, indicated - the provision of consulting and information services, assistance and assistance in renting housing.

In fact, almost all of the addresses and phone numbers provided by them are either invalid, or outdated and inaccurate, or the apartment has long been rented, that is, in fact,unreliable information is provided for payment, but the contract is made in such a way that it is impossible to find fault with it.

You can try, of course, if you do not want to rent a house, and if you are ready to spend a lot of time, your nerves, and money. But still, how to rent an apartment, if agencies are so deceiving people? The answer is simple - serious, already established agencies and similar companies, on whose account only positive reviews, usually accept payment in the form of 100% of the cost of renting an apartment for a whole month of stay, and without any advances or prepayments. The money is paid upon the signing of all lease agreements, or at the tenant's entrance to the apartment.

What you need to rent an apartment

To do this, you must request a contract with the owner of the apartment. Documents that confirm the ownership of housing should be properly executed, and should be attached in such copies:

  • The certificate of ownership of the apartment.
  • Extract from the state register of rights to real estate.

An extract can be obtained at the division of the Federal Registration Service at the location of this apartment, paying about 100 rubles of state duty.

Agreement for renting an apartment

The following clauses must be specified in the rental agreement, which will guarantee the rights of the tenant:

  • What is the amount of rent and whether utilities, electricity and other expenses are included in this payment.
  • The clause according to which it will be impossible to change the rental rate for the duration of the contract.
  • A clause that provides for the impossibility of termination of the contract, eviction, during the term of the contract, or another term specified in this agreement, for example, 1 month from the time when the owner of the apartment wrote a written notice of termination of the agreement.
  • The clause that provides co-habitation options is it permissible. That is, who except the renter can live on this living space.
  • A clause that will exclude possible claims regarding housing defects in the event of their presence in the future, that is, peeling wallpaper, or broken furniture.
  • Full readings of all counters, debt, in order to avoid trouble.

This contract will be valid upon the signing of both of its parties in ordinary written form. The contract will be able to protect you and your interests in case of a conflict with the owner, and will also be able to confirm the validity and legality of your residence,and presence in the area. It is also worth noting that the contract must be signed by the owner of the apartment, otherwise, it will not have legal force.

When you sign a contract and give money, be sure to check the coincidence of the keys to this housing. I hope our article will help you to do everything correctly and lawfully, for the benefit of your rights and the order of legislation.