How to rent a room?

Many people very often have to use rented premises. These rooms are divided into several types:

  • for living;
  • under office;
  • under the store;
  • for warehouses;
  • under the garages.

When there is no ownership of an apartment or house, and nowhere to live, you have to rent a room — an apartment, a house, a room. You can rent for a day, a month, for a long time. Premises are rented without furniture, with furniture, as well as partially furnished.

Before you want to rent a dwelling for an office or for a small production in an apartment, first clarify whether it is possible to convert it to non-residential. If a rented room is required for a long time - more than a year, then you need to register with a special registering authority. If less than a year, then you do not need to register. It is necessary to determine the number of offices, corridors, places of rest. For work, you must have a phone, internet.

Commercial premises should be in a passable, accessible place. The dimensions of the room are important too! The success of trading depends on it! The space for an online store does not have to be rented in public places.Storage facilities should have convenient access roads. The premises should be spacious, high.

Where to find a room for rent

  • in real estate agencies, here is the most complete information about the premises that you will rent;
  • in municipal and state bodies, these premises can be rented at preferential prices;
  • in the media (newspapers, television, radio);
  • on the Internet, there is a lot of information here, but you can often go to scammers, you can spend a lot of time and not find a suitable option.

How to rent a room

When concluding a lease agreement, you should pay attention to a number of points:

  1. It is necessary to check the authority of the lessor;
  2. In the contract, the rent amount must be fixed, otherwise it will not be considered as concluded. In the amount of the contract it is desirable to allocate VAT. In addition to the specified amount, the rent may be in% of income. The contract may stipulate the unilateral right of the lessor to change it;
  3. The room must be accurately described, it is possible that the plan application;
  4. The contract specifies the number of telephone points and their numbers;
  5. Be sure to draw up an act of acceptance of the premises, with an indication of deficiencies.Usually overhaul is done at the expense of the lessor, and current repairs at the expense of the tenant;
  6. If premises owned by the municipality or the state are rented, it should be checked whether there is a concession;
  7. The law on Articles 619, 620 of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation establishes the grounds for the early termination of the lease agreement. However, additional grounds may be stipulated in the contract, which may infringe the interests of the tenant.

Now you know exactly how to rent a room. You have got acquainted with the types of rent, with sources of information about the leased areas, about the correct conclusion of lease agreements. Do not fall for the scammers, check everything! Live in good apartments, work in convenient places!