How to remove the splinter?

How to remove the splinterHow to remove the splinter?

Remove the splinter



Thorns of roses and the smallest slivers,dug into the skin, deliver a lot of discomfort. But the hardest thing to extract the bones of fish, so be extremely careful, butchering the pike and perch caught in the dacha pond. These dangerous creatures even have fins with spines! If all the same something stuck under the skin or, worse, under the nail, try to immediately remove the splinter. Left unattended, it can provokefinger tissue inflammationand even the brush - felon, which requires surgery. To prevent this from happening, take the right action to eliminate the splinter in time.


- Wash your hands with soap and water., and a thin sewing needle and tweezers from the manicure setboilorprocess with alcohol. Insert the needle on the side of the outer end of the splinter at right angles to it and, without going too deep, try to insert the tip into the splinter and push it through the wound. If this fails, expose the tip of the splinter with a needle, (removing some of the skin at the beginning) andgrab the tweezers.


- If the skin is red and swollen in the place where there was a splinter, do a warming vodka compress for two or three hours or lower the damaged area intobathwith hot soda solution.


Do not try to get a splinter from under the nail. This is, firstly, very painful, and secondly, attempts are unlikely to succeed: too hard to reach! We'll have to come back to the nearestemergency room


Lubricate the wound with iodineorcologne(it is not forbidden to treat them with surface damage), thenseal upbactericidalplasterand put on the rubber fingertip.