How to shoot "Saw"?

May 8, 2015
How to shoot "Saw"?

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How to shoot "Saw"?

Initially, Saw was filmed as a short-length thriller (about 10 minutes long). It happened in Australia, and its director was James Wang. The script came up with Lee Wennell, and he also played a major role in the film. James and Lee filmed a video to offer material to other studios, but almost a year later they shot a full-length horror movie themselves, a short version entered the final material as one of the scenes.

How was the movie "Saw" filmed? Here are some interesting facts "from the set":

  • The whole movie was shot in just 18 days!
  • The film was so bloody that the director had to remove several scenes in order to get the category “P” for hire.
  • Initially, the film was planned to be published only on DVD discs.
  • The performer of the Constructor role (Tobin Bell) had to lie motionless on the floor as a corpse in makeup for six days of shooting. Since the cost of a quality and believable dummy to which it could be replaced in the scenes being shot was prohibitive. That was born this technical solution.By the way, the actor’s makeup took several hours a day.
  • According to the annotations to the film, the plot was based on nightmares from the childhood of the director and author of the script.
  • The screenwriter, Lee Wannell, had to replace actors in some scenes. And in one of them he even played Amanda!

How was “Saw-2” shot in 2005? Equally fleeting. In just 25 days, they did it.

  • For the scene with a pit with syringes, 120 thousand syringes were used. And four assistants prepared these devices for 4 days (they replaced real needles with sham so that the actress would not hurt herself during the shooting.
  • The ending of the film to the last remained a secret from many participants of the shooting (the actors did not receive the last pages of the script).
  • The whole classic plot was filmed without leaving the same room.