How to remove the glitter from the face in Photoshop?

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How to remove the glitter from the face in Photoshop?

Remove the greasy face Photoshop allows in several ways. The simplest of them is painting the highlights with a stamp or a restoring brush (“Clone Stamp Tool” and “Healing Brush Tool”, respectively).

However, using these tools changes the skin texture.

How to remove black from the face and at the same time preserve the texture?

  1. Make a copy of the layer;
  2. we take out the blue channel on the adjustment layer. To do this, go to the menu “Layers” (“Layer”) → “New Adjustment Layer” (“Mew Adjustment Layer”) → “Channel Mixer” (“Channel Mixer”);
  3. in the window that appears, mark "Monochrome" ("Monochrome");
  4. set the value by channel: red and green - 0, blue - 100;
  5. create a new adjustment layer “Invert” (“Invert”). This is necessary in order for the glare to turn black;
  6. create a new adjustment layer “Curves” (“Curves”);
  7. in the window that appears, drag the curve to the left until the photo is lightened except for the flare. However, it is not worth lightening too much;
  8. You can raise the left end of the curve slightly up to soften the color of the glare;
  9. merge layers into a group. Click on the top layer, press and hold the Shift button and select a copy of the background layer. After that use the combination Ctrl + g;
  10. change the group's blending mode to “Color Burn”.

Gloss areas will be darkened. If it seems to you that the glare is still strong, then you can fix it by opening the group with layers, selecting the “Curves” adjustment layer and pulling the left edge of the curve down. Thus, the blank will be darkened, and the glare will almost disappear. However, the skin structure is slightly lost.

In order to restore the texture, you need:

  • convert a group into a smart object. To do this, right-click on the group and select “Convert to Smart Objects”;
  • select the menu “Filter” (“Filter”) → “Blur” (“Blur”) → “Blur according to Gauss” (“Gaussian Dlur”);
  • in the appeared window we set the radius (approximately 3 pixels for a photo with a good extension).

It is worth remembering that small highlights should be present on the image of the face. They give the image a volume and make it more natural.