How to remove stains from sweat?

The problem of sweat stains on clothes is solved - you can use deodorants to prevent sweating and often change clothes on hot days. But what if the spots are not seen in time? Yellow stains from sweat can be removed in several effective ways.

Machine washable

How to remove stains from sweat, if you use a washing machine, or its portable options? There are a lot of powders, which, with this method of washing, will clean out even old stains from clothes. But some things can not be washed with hot water, in case of cold stains from sweat can not always be effectively removed. If the item cannot be treated with hot water, it can either be soaked with a powder or rub the stain remover into the problem areas before washing. Stains from sweat, which could not be removed in this way, will have to be hand-washed.


First of all, hand washing solves the problems of things that cannot be often washed in a typewriter.

On colored clothes you can remove stains from sweat, if you mix egg yolk with 10% denatured alcohol.Stain needs to be smeared with this mixture, then scrape it. The remaining spots from the yolk are easily removed with heated glycerin.

Wool can be cleaned by treating soaked spots with coarse salt. If it does not help, you can use alcohol.

On synthetics, yellow stains from sweat can be removed by soaking it before washing in the laundry soap. For the washing itself, any powder will do.

If these funds did not help you, take a tablespoon of tartar, rub three aspirin tablets (surely white) and mix them with a cup of warm water. Apply the resulting substance with a brush, rubbing deeply on the stain for 20 minutes. After rinse everything in warm water, if necessary, the procedure can be repeated.

Spots of sweat on cuffs and collars

Most often, this problem may be faced by men, but the yellow stains from sweat can be removed on the collar and cuffs by simply wetting them with vinegar. But do not forget that vinegar can lead to fading of clothes.

A mixture of water, ammonia and salt in the ratio of 4: 4: 1 can also wipe the collar from stains, after washing with warm water, this method is less conducive to "molting" the color.

Stains sweat on linen

Wash bedding is better with pre-soaking in a basin with finely crumbled soap. If you have thick bedding, you can resort to grandmother's recipes - with the same laundry soap you should boil your laundry, it will relieve it even from the most inveterate stains of sweat.

If the structure of the stain is white and has a greasy gloss, then it is not a stain of sweat, but only a deodorant. It is necessary to treat it before washing with detergents that cope with greasy stains, after cleaning the excess deodorant with a brush so that the stain does not float.

Dry cleaning, of course, will be expensive, but some fabrics should not be washed on their own. If a thing is very expensive for you, it is better to give it to professionals so that it will return to you in its original form. Sometimes it is impossible to remove sweat stains at home without damaging your clothes.