How to remove papilloma?

Papilloma is a benign tumor that occurs almost anywhere on the skin or mucous membranes of a person as a result of infection with any strain of the papillomavirus. This virus, according to WHO, is one of the most common on the planet and is transmitted exclusively from person to person.

How to cure papillomas

Modern medicine still does not have in its arsenal of means, giving the opportunity once and for all to get rid of the papillomavirus that entered the body. The human papilloma virus, alas, is still incurable (just like the herpes virus). Modern medical preparations can only �lull� the virus for a while, transfer it to an inactive phase, which makes it possible to negate the external manifestations of the disease. Therefore, having decided to withdraw papillomas, in advance be prepared for possible relapses. To prevent their reappearance, promptly treat colds that weaken the immune system, and take plant immunomodulators: in the fall and spring, drink the pharmaceutical tinctures of Eleutherococcus, Schisandra or Echinacea.

If, despite all the efforts made, the papillomas persist in appearing on the skin, you may have to consult a doctor and undergo a course of treatment with more powerful drugs such as Gammaferon or Immunal. With existing papillomas must be fought with traditional medical methods or folk remedies. This should be done for two reasons:

  • for cosmetic reasons;
  • in order to prevent the occurrence of cancer, as some forms of papillomas can contribute to the development of cancer.

How to remove papilloma by medical methods

Among the modern medical methods for the removal of already formed papillomas, three main, most effective methods can be distinguished: electrocoagulation, cryodestruction, and laser cautery.

  • Electrocoagulation - destruction of papilloma tissues by high frequency currents. A decade ago, this method was considered progressive and was widely distributed. Nowadays, against the background of the creation of new, more progressive and less traumatic methods of removing papillomas, electrocoagulation is practically not used;
  • Cryodestruction (destruction of tissues under the action of ultralow temperatures) is a modern and practically painless method for removing papillomas. It is very simple and safe, removing papillomas in this way does not require mandatory prior anesthesia;
  • Laser removal is the most common way to get rid of papillomas at this time. This procedure is usually performed under local anesthesia and takes less than one minute. Papilloma literally evaporates under the laser beam, after which only a small crust of dried blood remains on the skin. A few days later (after the healing of the wound), the crust disappears by itself, and even the smallest scar remains in place of the former papilloma.

How to remove papilloma with the help of folk remedies

Walnut and kerosene tincture

You can make such a tincture only in the middle of summer, at a time when walnuts have reached the stage of milky ripeness and can still be easily cut with a knife. To make the tincture, pick a few dozen green walnuts and pass them through a meat grinder. Two-thirds chopped nuts fill a liter glass jar and toppour purified kerosene into it. Close the jar tightly with the lid and place it in a dark place for three weeks. After this time, strain the tincture through several layers of gauze. The remaining nut cake squeeze well. Drain both parts of the tincture in a bottle of dark glass and store it in the refrigerator (shelf life - up to one year). Lubricate this tincture papilloma twice a day.

Celandine juice

One of the most famous and effective means for removing papillomas and warts. You can use it from early spring until the first autumn frosts, that is, at a time when you can find green celandine. This is quite easy to do, because the celandine is a weed, which can be found in any city square or park, not to mention the countryside. Especially effective fresh juice of celandine, so it makes no sense to harvest it for future use.

The very process of treatment is very simple - having found celandine, tear the stem and break it in the leaf sinus. A bright orange drop of juice will immediately appear on the fracture. Straight with the stem, like a brush, brush with this thick caustic juice papilloma and wait until the droplet dries. That's all.Thus lubricate the papilloma as often as possible (up to eight times a day), and soon it dries and disappears.

Banana peel

Peel a ripe banana and thoroughly rub the papilloma with the inner white side of the peel. To do this procedure should be twice a day, and soon the papilloma should disappear.

Dandelion Flower Lotion

For the preparation of this healing lotion narvite a large bouquet of flowering dandelions. At home, tear off only one yellow flower - you will not need stems and leaves. A wide-neck glass bottle should be filled with flowers to the very top and fill them with a �triple cologne�. Well cork a bottle, put lotion in a dark case for two weeks. After this time, drain the lotion, squeeze the liquid remaining in the colors into it. Pour the finished lotion into a bottle of dark glass, close the stopper and put it in the refrigerator. If the papillomas are smeared with dandelion lotion several times a day, they will soon disappear.