How to make clips?

Today, a musician can hardly count on wide popularity and career if he doesn’t have at least one high-quality video for his soul.

The role of clips in the life of musicians is clear. But how to make clips? Shooting clips is a whole separate, crazy, colorful and unlikely process. To understand it to the end, perhaps, is impossible. But let's try to understand the basics.

Clip classification

There are a huge number of video clips, so their conditional qualification was created. Today, there are four main types of clips:

  • Live music video. Here the main role is played by the musicians themselves performing the composition. As an example: the Pantera clip “Revolution Is My Name”. In the frame there is a lot of equipment (speakers, amplifiers, monitors) and musicians with instruments. To play, of course, in the literal sense of the word, no one plays, but they try to make the view more or less believable, they take the correct chords.
  • Concert video. Well, everything is clear. The video is filmed during the concert. The classic example is AC / DC with a video for the song “Thunderstruck”.
  • Staged video clip.By the way, it is very similar to the live video, but it concentrates more on the musicians themselves. The task is not so much to pretend that you play music, but rather to “work face-to-camera”. As an example, the clip of the Splin group “Orbits without sugar” can be cited. In this case, all the scenes are pre-rehearsed.
  • The last kind, the most common one, is role-playing, which is a short film with music. There are many examples, one of them is Radiohead "Street Spirit".

It is worth noting, if you look closely at even the examples given, it becomes clear why the classification is conditional. Often, two, three, or even all four types of shooting are used in one clip. On the other hand, this confusion is not unique to the music industry.

Creating clips

Now, when we figured out the kinds of clips, let's try to understand how to shoot them.

  1. We collect film crew. The maximum number of participants, as you understand, is not limited, but there is a minimum set of specialists, without which it is indispensable. These include:
  • Script writer - a specialist who is responsible for the script of the clip;
  • The director is the specialist who manages the shooting process;
  • Operator - is responsible for shooting and for the material that he gives to the editor;
  • The Illuminator is the specialist who is responsible for the light;
  • The editor is a specialist who we mount all the footage scenes in one video file;
  • The actors or the musicians themselves who will be filmed in the video.
  1. There are cases when all of the above has been concentrated in one person. But this is too budget option, and the result is appropriate.
  2. Writing a video clip script. Even if we are making a video from a live recording, the script is still needed.
  3. We learn the roles and begin to rehearse. Everyone who somehow gets into the frame, must clearly know what to do and when. Improvisation, of course, is permissible, but if the entire filming process consists only of it, the result will not be a clip, but just a music video.
  4. But when everything is rehearsed, proceed, in fact, to the shooting itself. And whatever the director, screenwriter, musicians think about themselves - in this part of the work the most important person on the set is the cameraman. A good operator is worth its weight in gold. When installing, you can correct some of the defects, but from a bad video, no one will make a quality product.
  5. Getting to the installation.There is an infinite number of special programs for video editing, from the simplest Movie Maker, to the clever Adobe Premiere Pro. It all depends on which of them the editor is fluent in and what you are going to get at the exit.

The maximum video clip budget is limited only by the amount of money that the customer has. But the minimum ... The British band Hurts has a clip "Wonderful Life". Rather, they are two. One, the official - with a huge budget (only the villa, on which the video was shot, cost 5 million pounds). But the first clip, which actually brought popularity to the group, cost 10. No, not ten million. Just ten pounds.

And the most expensive clip is the clip of Michael and Janet Jackson "Scream", worth $ 7 million.

Actually, this example proves the main thing - the first rule for shooting music video clips: there are no rules. The main thing to remember is that the main task that the clip should perform is the promotion of the musical group or performer. And the main tool in the process of filming is fantasy.

The history of the clips on TV

The first of August 1981. This date can be considered the beginning of a new era in the music industry, the era of video clips.No, they shot them before, but it was then that the MTV channel began broadcasting, most of the air that was made up of video clips. And, by the way, he was considered at the very beginning unformatted and almost unpromising. Time has shown that this, to put it mildly, is not quite so. Today it is the most popular music channel.