How to remove acne

You will need
  • - tincture of calendula, tea tree oil;
  • - infusion of sage, chamomile or mint;
  • - fresh aloe juice;
  • - 5-10% syntomycin emulsion;
  • - Streptocid powder;
  • - root of elecampane, burdock, herb of Hypericum, walnut leaf;
  • - vitamins.
For a complete treatment of acne it is better to combine the use of external and internal means. A good result gives stimulating therapy - blood transfusions, antibiotics, aloe preparations, hormones. However, their use can only be prescribed by a doctor. Independently use the means to disinfect the skin and relieve inflammation. And besides, watch the power and properly care for your face.
With the tendency of the skin to form acne follow a certain diet. Avoid eating fatty, spicy, smoked food, as well as sugar, confectionery and bakery products. Limit eggs, honey. But be sure to include in the diet fermented milk products, raw and steamed vegetables, as well as greens, fruits, dried fruits, berries, nuts, pumpkin seeds. Drink more healthy drinks, for example, green tea, juices, fruit drinks, compotes, mint decoction.
To soften acne plugs, once a week, make a bath for the face. As a source of steam, use hot decoction of calendula, or add 1-2 drops of tea tree oil to the water. These plants have a bactericidal effect. Instead of steam, you can make warm lotions from the infusion of sage, chamomile, mint.
After steaming the skin, clean the pores. Wrap your index fingers with a sterile bandage and squeeze those plugs that are close to the surface. Do not touch the immature and red acne. Pressing on them can further spread acne. After cleansing, wipe your face with fresh aloe juice.
On purulenteelsin the morning and in the evening apply 5-10% sintomycin emulsion. Apply a small amount of it on problem areas, cover with a napkin and leave for a few minutes. Mature purulenteelsopen, process with 3% hydrogen peroxide and sprinkle with streptocide.
In the care of the face do not use oily cosmetics. And after each washing or any water treatment, dry the skin with streptocide powder. It fights perfectly with staphylococcus, the seeding of which causes an inflammatory process on the skin.
To eliminate acne marks, make lotions from raw potatoes or chamomile decoction. They can also be used to eliminate inflammation on the face. For the same purpose, paraffin therapy is suitable, but provided that there is no purulent rash on the face.
For the treatment of acne from the inside, drink a decoction of a mixture of herbs. Take an equal amount of burdock root, walnut leaf, St. John's wort grass, and elecampane root. Brew 3 tbsp. the resulting mixture 600 ml of boiling water. Take 200 ml 3 times a day.
Since the increase in acne contributes to a decrease in immunity - take various measures to strengthen it. Namely, harden with water, take moderate sunbathing, exercise, drink vitamins 2 times a year, eat right, get enough sleep and avoid stress.