How to recognize a good magician, not a charlatan?

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Queen of Wands
������������Queen of Wands
������������Answered on December 6, 2014 15:54
Charlatans want to make money on magic, so they seek to attract as many customers as possible. Widely advertise their services, create a catchy image. Much attention is paid to external things: clothing, paraphernalia, ornaments. This magician looks more modest. He is confident in his strength, and he doesn�t need to �shout� about her. Magic does not tolerate frivolous people. The person involved in it is aware of the responsibility for each step. He will not make unnecessary movements. Listen to the speech of the magician. If it contains Kabbalistic, Orthodox, and tarological terms at the same time, there is a charlatan in front of you.
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The witcher
������������The witcher
������������Answered on December 6, 2014 16:15
Real magicians do not promote their abilities, do not make a business out of them. Look for ordinary people, grandmothers in the villages. You can thank them with money or products.