How to read books on the iPhone?

If you have recently acquired a modern iPhone, then it is not surprising that the first question you have is how to read books on the iPhone. To deal with this, let's see which application is needed for this.

Prog for iPhone

Before you begin the process of reading, you must upload those books that you plan to read onto the gadget. You can find them in the public domain on the Internet. Free books for the iPhone can be found on the manufacturer of this electronic product. But as far as software is concerned, without which reading these books will be problematic, we recommend downloading such an application as “Aichtalka”. It is compatible with such modern devices as the iPhone, iPad, as well as iPod touch

Reading a book with the help of "Aichtalki" is very easy. You can find it and download it on the Internet, where it is freely available. Install the application on your tablet, after which you will be able to read books in FB2 format. Download them online and start reading directly. We hope that you know how to download the book in the iPhone. After the books are loaded, we copy them into “Aichtalka” and start reading.

Software features

In addition to the above FB2 format, the format of books for the iPhone can be different: PDF, ePub and TXT. Appearance of "Aichtalka" at first reminds iBooks. Here you will also find books on the shelves. The program has already one book, on which you should learn to use the application. Click on the cover of the book and we will see the text.

The text of the application is large, but if it does not suit you, you can change it to another in the settings. At the end and at the beginning of the sheet you will find navigation buttons that control the movement of chapters. In the corner of the screen you will see a red bookmark that, when pressed, remembers the place where you stopped to read.

If you touch the very center of the screen, you will see a menu that consists of the bottom and top panels. Below are the pointers to the right and to the left, which are used to turn the chapters, there is also a slider, which shows how much you have already read and how much is left. At the bottom right there is a “Contents” button that lists all the chapters.

The top panel contains:

  • an arrow that returns back to the bookshelf
  • night or day reading mode; the gear that stands for program settings
  • bookmarks you saved in advance
  • search by text
  • button "About the book"

Don't forget to go to the “Settings” menu, since here you can choose the font, theme and alignment. Also here you can turn on horizontal mode or left-handed mode.

Turning pages can be carried out using the touch screen or special buttons on the panel. It is recommended to set the scrolling mode, since in the presence of animation in books the process of turning over can “slow down”. To keep your eyes from getting tired, use a special theme just designed specifically for this.

Now you know how to read a book and how to download a book on iPhone, which you will need very much if you are new to communicating with this advanced gadget.