How to raise the "Niva"?

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How to raise the "Niva"?

Many motorists want to improve their cars. One way to improve is to lift the car body. Today we will consider this question in relation to Niva. However, before you think about how to raise the Niva, you should find out why you need it. After all, if you need this car for driving on city roads, then it costs nothing to change, since there are no impassable places on the road. Raise the body "Niva" is only if you use the car as an SUV and dissect the hills, slides, marshy and wooded areas.

In the question of how to raise the "Niva", the video will help you very well. If you want to slightly increase the lifting of the machine on its own, follow these instructions.

  1. Replace the rear springs with stronger and taller springs, suitable for Chevrolet springs.
  2. Under all the springs install rubber inserts, they will give another 5 centimeters of height.
  3. In the springs themselves install rubber extra inserts, they will serve for greater rigidity.
  4. When the body is raised, the rear axle will move, so you should change the transverse rubber traction.
  5. Under the front springs should also install rubber inserts of 3 centimeters.
  6. The platform of the case is lifted with the help of bushings, which are fastened with elongated bolts.
  7. Under the lever install regular gasket plates.

This is an alternative way to lift the Niva body, which does not require welding and does not affect the wear of the car. This is the most common and easy way to raise the suspension on the "Niva". A special case in this matter is “Chevrolet Niva”. Dodger for this model is sold a lot, but few parts for assembly. In order to complete the process of raising the Chevrolet Niva's hull, you should:

  1. Reinforce the lower beam to maximum strength;
  2. Reinforce the rear traction (most likely, you will have to change it);
  3. Install underbody protection. It also needs to be purchased and installed separately;
  4. Bushings and spacers for the bottom and springs are installed in the same order as we have already described above. On the back - sleeves of 5 centimeters, on the front - on 3.

How to raise the Chevrolet Niva, you will be prompted in the car shop, because every necessary detail needed to lift the case may not be available, and then you have to replace it with something.It is difficult to find details for the Chevrolet Niva, the body model is significantly different from the standard one.