How to quickly remove the wallpaper

You will need
  • - water;
  • - roller;
  • - sharp spatula;
  • - iron or steam generator;
  • - grinding machine with coarse sandpaper or grinder with grinding nozzle;
  • - A special tool for removing wallpaper.
Modern non-woven and vinylwallpaperremoved from the walls very easily. Pull the bottom of the canvas, and it will be removed almost completely. Moisten small paper pieces of wallpaper on some parts of the wall with warm water and remove with a spatula. But in order to quickly remove the paper from the wallswallpaperwill have to make a lot of effort.
The easiest and most common way to remove old wallpaper from the walls is wet. Liberally moisten the wall, pasted over with old wallpaper, warm water. Use a roller or brush for this. Repeat this procedure 3-4 times, without waiting for the paintings to dry. "Blistering"wallpaperscrape off the walls with a sharp trowel.
The next way to help quickly removewallpaperfrom the walls, in many ways similar to the wet. It differs from it only in thatthat before starting to wet the cloths with water, you will have to make small cuts on them, using a needle roller, a sharp spatula, or an ordinary stationery knife. Such actions help the moisture to quickly penetrate into a durable outer layer of wallpaper.
In order to quickly removewallpaper, steam the outer layer through a damp cloth using a regular iron. If you have a steam generator at home, better use it. Due to the effects of steam, the canvas leaves the walls very easily and quickly.
Try to removewallpaperfrom the walls, using a grinding machine with a rough sandpaper or a small grinder, equipped with a special nozzle for grinding.
Use to remove old wallpaper from the walls of special chemical compounds, which you can purchase in any hardware store or department. The most popular and effective means for removing the wallpaper: Cleo, Metylan and Quelyd. These fluids are absolutely safe, so they can be used indoors even in the presence of people, without fear for their health.