How to put a voice?

Many of us have ever wanted to learn how to sing beautifully. Singing is one of the ways of human expression, it is available to almost everyone. And what if, as they say: there is no hearing, no voice? It is quite difficult to develop hearing, but putting a voice is a task that anyone can handle if he makes efforts to do so. In addition, the set voice is important not only for singing, but also for public speaking. Agree, it is much more pleasant to listen to a person whose speech sounds beautiful.

All voice techniques are exercises that should be performed regularly in order to succeed. Let's take a look at how to put a voice on your own.

Breathing exercises

For the voice and singing, you need proper breathing. In order to learn how to breathe correctly, you can perform the following exercises:

  • Stand upright to better feel your diaphragm. Place one hand on the bottom of the chest and the other on the stomach. Inhalation should be through the nose, slightly bulging the belly forward, as well as expanding the chest.Exhale through the mouth, returning the chest and abdomen to the usual position.
  • Inhale briefly through the nose and hold the air for 5 seconds. After that, exhale air through your mouth as long as possible. Over time, the air retention time should be increased.
  • Take a little breath with your mouth. Then, on the exhale, smoothly and as long as possible pronounce any of the vowel sounds. To control the expiration time, you can use the metronome or tap the score with your foot.
  • Take a big breath in your nose. After that, on one exhalation, produce a score from 0 to 5, gradually you need to increase the score to 15-17. It is important to monitor the smoothness of exhalation.

Articulation exercises

How to put a voice for singing, and to make your speech more beautiful will help the exercises on the articulatory apparatus. After all, he is responsible for the purity of the spoken sounds. So:

  • It is best to start with articulation gymnastics. To do this, absolutely any exercises you know are suitable - to collect lips in the "proboscis", get tongue up to the nose or chin, pout lips, etc. It is important to remember that you need to knead all parts of the articulation apparatus - the tongue, cheeks, lips.
  • After that, you can proceed to more complex exercises. The voice and articulation of saying sayings and tongue twisters develop very well. It is advisable to pronounce the entire phrase on one breath. If you do this exercise daily, you will very soon notice a change in timbre and voice quality.
  • The sound "mmm", like no other suitable for the development of voice. To do this, it should be pronounced with the mouth closed, first quietly, gradually increasing the voice, reaching an extremely loud sound, lower the volume.
  • Next, work with the sound "ppp". To do this, relax the tongue and begin to growl, touching the tip of your tongue to the upper palate. For a start, quietly, gradually increasing the volume of pronunciation.
  • To clean the voice, vowel sounds are best suited. To do this, typing air into the lungs, on the exhale, loudly utter the sound "Iii", while simultaneously tapping the rhythm with your palm and foot. The sound of “iii” is considered the most difficult, so if you initially have difficulty in doing this exercise with high quality, you can start with simpler “aaa”, “oooo” or “ooo”
  • Exercises from yoga - another method, how to put a voice.One of the easiest is to stand up straight, put your legs shoulder-width apart and inhale and exhale several times. After that, tilting your body forward, sharply pronounce the sound "ha-a." The sound should be loud.

Now, you know how to put a voice. Classes should be regular, otherwise there will be no progress. Also, in order to record changes in your voice, record your voice on the recorder every three days. When comparing you will see a significant result. Good luck!