How to put a drip?

Each of us can get sick any of the relatives. Sometimes the care of the patient must be carried out at home. In this case, you will need to learn how to perform some medical manipulations. In particular, to learn how to put an IV.

First of all, you need to figure out what is called a drip. Dropper or infusion therapy is the introduction of large volumes of fluids intravenously using a special system. The system is a tube, one of the ends of which has a needle, with an injection speed regulator and a cylindrical expansion. The inner space of the tube is filled with air, so the system removed from the package is not ready for operation.

Dropper installation

In order to use it, we carry out the following manipulations:

  1. We take the system out of the package and move the wheel of the regulator to the opposite position. It now clamps the tube completely.
  2. Find the end of the tube with a needle. Insert it into the solution cap, which will drip.
  3. We take out a second needle from the set and stick it next to the first one.
  4. We make 2-3 strong pressing on the cylindrical expansion of the system. It should be filled to about half the solution. This extension serves to control the rate of injection of the solution. When you connect the system to the patient, you will see falling droplets, and by the frequency of their fall you will determine the rate of administration.
  5. Place the free end of the dropper in the package from it or any other container. Move the wheel to the top position and watch as the solution runs through the tubes. As soon as the solution ran into the substituted container, move the wheel to the non-operating position. Check for air bubbles from the end of the system to expansion. If there is, slightly unscrew the wheel up and wait until they come out with the solution.
  6. We insert the free part of the tube into the needle sticking out of the solution cap. The system is ready for use.
  7. We fix the container with the solution with a cap down at a height of 1.3-1.6 m near the place of infusion therapy. For this purpose, you can use special locks suspended on the mezzanine handle, windows or hanger.If they are not, it is possible to build a loop on the bottom of the bottle out of several turns of tape or tape.
  8. Further actions depend on whether the person has an intravenous catheter. If so, then we take 2 ml of solution into the syringe, open the colored lid of the catheter, attach the syringe to it and inject the solution. The end of the system is disconnected from the needle. Turn off the white lid of the catheter and attach the system to it. After that, unscrew the control knob little by little and set the required speed. Her, as you remember, we control the speed of falling drops in a cylindrical expansion. At the end of the procedure, move the wheel to the bottom position. Disconnect the system and close the opening of the catheter. Open the colored cap and flush the catheter.
  9. Without a catheter, it is much more difficult to put a dropper on a person. Tying the arm with a cord, groping for a vein. Wipe the place of the future puncture cotton swab with alcohol. Use the left hand to tighten the skin, and with the right we insert the needle into the vein. If you hit - from the hole needles run blood. Quickly connect the needle to the system and move the wheel controller to the working position.Fix the needle with a strip of adhesive plaster and cover the injection site with a cotton swab with alcohol.

As you can see, if a person has a catheter, it is easy to put an IV. Otherwise, it is better to entrust the conduct of infusion therapy to doctors.