How to light a candle?

Many people, having come to church, are lost, not knowing how to behave, what to do, to what saint, and why to put candles. And besides, not everyone knows how to light a candle so that your prayer or petition will be heard.

Why are candles placed in the church? A soft wax candle means your desire to serve God, the burning of this candle means a kind of purification of a person. A lit candle in the church represents your sacrifice to God, the material reinforcement of your prayers.

How to put candles

The church is a place where all your actions are strictly regulated, so it is important to know how to properly light a candle:

  • You must calmly and carefully, without pushing, go to the icon in front of which you plan to put a candle.
  • Then you, with the presence of free coasters, melt the lower end of the candle over the already burning candles and set your own.
  • If all the nests are occupied, then you need to put your candle in a special box next to it, in this case the clergy will light the candle you left later.Some are worried about the question whether it is possible to extinguish someone else’s dying candle in order to put one’s own. Usually the servants of the temple are engaged in this, and you yourself should not do this.
  • The main thing is still a prayer. After the candle is set, you must pray, then cross over and worship the saint depicted on the icon.

Do not think that the candle set before the icon will automatically fulfill your request. The main thing is not the lighting of a candle, but a sincere prayer to God and your pure heart.

For health

If you want to pray for living people and put a candle for them in the church, then you should put a candle for health. For health, you can put a candle in front of any icons, except for those in front of which are eve tables, on which candles are put for the dead. After you set up a candle, you need to pray for the person or people for whom you do this, listing them in your prayer by name, first men and then women.

For the rest

For the dead the candles are placed on the eve table, which is located on the left side of the temple and in front of it is a crucifix. How to put a candle for the rest:

  • Go to the crucifix and offer a prayer to the Lord. Look for a while at the fire of burning candles to turn away from all earthly things.
  • Light your candle from others and set it in a free nest. It does not matter whether you put one candle for all the dead, or for each individual, do not forget that the main thing is your prayer.
  • In your prayer, you can turn to these people.
  • At the same table there is usually a special basket in which you can put something from the food for the priests so that they can commemorate them with you.

Prayers to the saints

What saints in which cases need to pray:

  • In case of children's diseases - the Mother of God "Healer".
  • When drunkenness - before the icon "Inexhaustible Chalice."
  • From thunderstorms and fires - in front of the icon "Burning Bush".
  • With problems in marriage - Saint Peter and Fevronia.
  • With the help of the teaching - to St. Sergius of Radonezh and the icon of the Mother of God “Addition of the mind”, etc.

Separately, it is worth mentioning St. Nicholas. He is loved and revered in many countries, and many people in their earthly problems and troubles tend to put a candle to Nicholas the miracle worker, who is considered to be the best helper and patron.

Online church

Now in the vast global network there is almost everything, and even churches and chapels where you can light a candle online and read a prayer. It is assumed that the Internet is a chapel for busy people who do not have enough time to visit the church. To do this, simply go to the site you need and act according to the signs. The righteousness of such a prayer is, of course, highly doubtful, but still such a service is taking place.

Thus, knowing how to properly light a candle, it will be easier for you to navigate in the temple and not distract other worshipers with your questions. But remember that the main thing is, it is still not a lit candle, but your sincere prayer.