How to protect yourself from an energetic vampire

Not all vampires have leathery wings and sharp fangs. Among us walking around a lot of vampires who are no different from other people. They lead an ordinary life, among them may be our relatives, friends, colleagues. These people do not drink human blood, but “suck out” from others no less important substance - vital energy. It is because of the lack of this energy that we weaken, we get tired and depressed. To avoid this, you need to know how to protect yourself from an energetic vampire. We offer several ways.

How to calculate a vampire

Protection against energy vampires begins with their identification. Learning a vampire is pretty simple. Observe yourself and the person you are chatting with. If you notice that you are experiencing a sharp decline in strength every time you communicate with a particular person, this is a sure sign. Follow his mood. If at that moment when you weaken, on the contrary, it comes to life, there can be no doubt.

Another sign of vampirism is the desire to cause negative emotions in the interlocutor. If your friend does not miss the opportunity to participate in the conflict, and after a quarrel is in a good mood, then he is definitely a vampire. The thing is, energy vampires are fueled only by negative emotions, be it anger, fear or guilt.

Types of Vampires and Protection

Vampires are divided into those who act consciously and those who are unaware of their harm to others. Depending on what kind of temperament the vampire initially possesses, he can “hunt” in two different ways.

One kind of vampire - aggressors. These are rude and boorish people who provoke people into conflicts. To protect yourself from such a person, you just need to ignore him, not to react to insults and claims.

The second kind looks more peaceful, but is more dangerous. These are people who constantly complain and cause guilt in the interlocutor. They are harder to compute and harder to ignore. If possible, resist the influence of such a vampire, radiating a positive. During communication, you need to adjust it to positive emotions, not to mourn his troubles.Most likely, then he will cross you out of the list of suitable donors.

Universal protection

Garlic in the fight against energy vampire will not help. Here you need a confrontation at the level of bioenergy. If, feeling the vampiric impact, you cannot refuse to communicate, you need to move as far as possible from the dangerous person, leaving the zone of greatest influence - about 2-3 meters.

Try not to let it look into your eyes, as this is the most effective way of energizing. Cross your arms and legs. Such a posture not only blocks the release of energy to the outside, but also suspends its normal circulation in the body. Therefore, you need to be careful with this technique, not lingering in the “crossed” pose for a long time.

Mentally surround yourself with a brick wall. This method is very effective if you really concentrate and turn on the fantasy. You can also imagine yourself surrounded by a wall of pouring water, or mentally set a high mirror in front of you, turned towards the vampire.

A good way to protect is prayer. She must be sincere and will work only if you are a true believer.Prayer can be read mentally, presenting at this moment, as the flow of light descends on you.