How to protect against mosquitoes in the warm season?

Ivan Orlov
Ivan Orlov
March 5, 2018
How to protect against mosquitoes in the warm season?

Spring time is coming, and there it’s easy to move on until summer. We are waiting for warm days, beautiful nature and gentle sun. But at the same time and inconvenience, among which in the first place insects. To protect yourself from bites and an unpleasant squeak nearby, it is better to use special protective equipment.

We recommend to pay attention to the Gardex brand: visit the website ( of the company to find out detailed information and select the products suitable for you. Pay attention to the useful videos: they will tell about the enhanced protection against insects in nature.

Why choose Gardex?

The main task of Gardex - to protect mosquitoes and ticks in any situation. The company was established more than 10 years ago. Since then, the brand is constantly evolving: it improves the compositions, uses innovative production technologies, expands the range taking into account the wishes and characteristics of its customers. The brand works closely with the Institute of Disinfectology.Production is under constant control, and therefore buyers can be assured of the quality and safety of Gardex products.

Three types of mosquito protection to choose from

Now the brand has three lines of mosquitoes:

  • Family. The best option for the whole family. Each agent after application is valid for 4 hours. Suitable for walking in the country and in parks with a small or medium number of insects. This lineup includes: regular spray, spray with aloe vera, repellent candle and balsam after bite.
  • Extreme. Strong protection in places of large numbers of insects. Valid until 8 hours. Best suited to those who are going on a long forest walk, hiking, fishing or hunting. In this lineup three types of aerosols are presented: from blood-sicking insects and mites; against mosquitoes, midges and gadflies; against mosquitoes and midges.
  • Baby The safest option. Delicately refers to children's skin, reliably protecting it. Valid for a couple of hours. In the range there are tools for children aged 1-2 years. In this line are presented: ordinary aerosol, two-in-one aerosol from mosquitoes and midges, protection in the form of stickers with extract, ordinary spray, spray for children from 1 year, protective clip on clothes, mosquito bracelet, balm and patches against bites.

Gardex is a guarantee of excellent protection for the whole family in any situation. Find the perfect tool for yourself and your loved ones and relax in nature without problems!