How to prolong life?

In recent decades, a healthy lifestyle is gaining increasing popularity. In a fashion mass quit smoking, Mediterranean cuisine and fresh juices, which plays into the hands of marketers. Let's figure out how to become healthier and prolong your life without falling for promotional tricks.


Genetics is a very significant aspect in this whole issue. Some diseases are inherited. It may happen that proper nutrition and sport will only slightly increase the chance of not getting sick. For example, a man who plays sports and eats properly can still become a frequent guest of a cardiologist from a certain point if there are “cores” in the family.

But the situation is not so terrible. In the modern world, analyzes allow us to find out the probability of the occurrence of a particular type of cancer, a predisposition to certain diseases. Exact tomographs will not miss a single unknown entity, and modern laboratories can determine the state of the body literally by a couple of drops of blood.

Healthy lifestyle

Any doctor will tell you that to achieve regular well-being you need to follow a few rules.

  • Daily regime. Each of us has a biological clock. If you are a morning person, working on a night shift will bring tremendous stress to your body, and, as you know, stress affects your health no less than environmental factors. A good eight-hour sleep must be present at the same time in your life.
  • Gymnastics. Not all of us have the desire or determination to start running or practicing in the hall. In this case, you can do a simple gymnastics. It will improve the supply of blood with oxygen, will also keep the muscles in shape. Choose the exercises you like to do. If you force yourself to force, it is unlikely that there will be much benefit. You can choose the time for doing gymnastics yourself: immediately after waking up, at lunch or a couple of hours before bedtime.
  • Cold and hot shower. It strengthens the blood vessels, and therefore increases endurance of the body.
  • Regular balanced nutrition. The best food - reusable, up to 5-6 times a day. Firstly, you will not translate, secondly, you will not overload your body, including the pancreas and liver, and, thirdly, you will reduce the chance of gallstones forming.
  • Avoid stress.Stress can affect your health in different ways. Reduced local immunity, allergies, insomnia, loss of appetite, heart disease - all this can trigger stress. Therefore, as much as possible, spend time with those you love, watch your favorite movies or TV shows, do something that unloads your thoughts and uplifting, etc.

Despite the fact that each organism has its own characteristics, there are substances that must be ingested with food from the outside:

  • Cellulose. This is a great intestinal scrub. And, as you know, if the intestine is healthy, there is no toxication in the body and it works more smoothly. Fiber is rich in cereals, fruits, vegetables.
  • Essential fatty acids. For healthy skin, hair and eyes, regularly include nuts and oily fish in your diet. Also well suited oils, for example, flaxseed. If it is difficult for you to drink them just like that, add along with sour cream to the salad. Thanks to sour cream, they are better absorbed by the body.
  • Mineral water. Everyone knows that we need water for the good work of the cells from which we are composed. Therefore, when you want to drink another cup of even a very good tea, replace it with a glass of water.You will not only help your kidneys, but also the skin and the body as a whole.

In the modern world, vegetarianism has become very popular, where protein from meat is replaced by legumes. This is partly true. However, do not forget that the body should receive a balanced diet, which means that the food should be not only healthy, but also diverse. Vegetable and animal protein differ not only in name, but also in composition. Believe me, a steamed chicken with a vegetable salad will not slacken your year of life, nor will it affect its quality in any way.

By following these simple guidelines, you can improve your health and prolong your life.