How to prepare a child for the first visit to the dentist

The first trip to the dentist should take place in about 2-3 years. The visit may be introductory. Before him, it is desirable to tune the child to the fact that it will be interesting and fascinating.
You can start training with stories or tales. A good example is Aibolit Chukovsky. By analogy with it, you can tell a child about a good doctor who treats children and relieves them of carious monsters (or other creatures depending on the fantasy of the parents). The monsters themselves are harmless, but they build houses that destroy the baby’s teeth. Only a good doctor knows how to get rid of these monsters and again make your teeth healthy and beautiful.
At the next stage, you can play with the child in the dentist and patient. Even bathrobes, hats and masks will be useful, so that the image of the dentist was already familiar to the child and not scare him. You can reproduce the inspection procedure so that the baby learns to open his mouth and does not experience discomfort.Do not forget that toys that imitate dental instruments must be clean. A child can be both a patient and act as a dentist who needs to cure his teeth in a toy.
To teach your child to brush their teeth, you can also use the game. The brush in this case will help drive the dental monsters, and the paste will help her in this.
Any stories and conversations about the doctor should completely eliminate the word "pain." A visit to the dentist is a simple inspection, the tools are used only to find the pest and get rid of it or pull it out. If you mention that it will not hurt, the word “pain” will be remembered first of all, and not its absence.
Another trick will be a gift that the doctor will present to the baby after the examination and procedures. Of course, parents will buy the gift, but the baby will not know about it. The gift will be a kind of reward for the fact that the child helped the doctor in the difficult struggle with carious villains.
Having come to the hospital, the child can see in the office crying children, saying that they hurt. It is necessary to prepare the baby for this situation, but not in advance, but in front of the office and only if he sees a crying child.Again, you can think of a story that bad monsters got angry and began to bite, which is why they must be chased away.
It is good if the reception of the child will take place in a friendly atmosphere and without haste, but it depends on the doctor. Parents in this case can only take advantage of the reviews about the doctors and exclude the doctor who can cause a negative reaction in the baby with their behavior.
At the reception you need to be with the child, hold his hand, and if the baby is very small, then you can sit in the chair with him, holding him in your arms.
Choosing a doctor, you need to take into account the reviews about him, and finding a dentist that is ideal in your opinion, it is not recommended to change it in the future unnecessarily.
To visit the dentist less often require complex and painful manipulations, you need to remember that they should be regular, as well as care for your teeth and gums. In this case, and the teeth will be healthy, and visits to the dentist in adult life will not be postponed until the last moment.