How to play sudoku?

Natalia Alexandrova
Natalia Alexandrova
April 13, 2012
How to play sudoku?

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How to play sudoku?

Sudoku is a very popular number puzzle game. Once you understand how to play sudoku, and you can not tear yourself away from it!

The essence of the game:

The cells of the playing field must be filled with numbers from 1 to 9. There should not be repeated figures in each line vertically and horizontally. Also, they can not be repeated in small squares (3x3 cells). At the very beginning of the game there are already numbers (depending on the complexity of the level, the number of initially specified numbers may differ).

Rules of Sudoku:

  • Select a row, column, or square with the maximum number of given numbers. Add the missing (it is better to use a pencil). In almost all cases, there is a place where only one number is suitable.
  • Then look through each column in turn, compare which numbers may fit in each cell. On a separate piece of paper you can write out the options.
  • Looking through the lines and squares, exclude numbers that are repeated.
  • As you fill the puzzle with numbers, it will be easier to solve it.

Start playing sudoku with easy tasks, because the ability to solve a puzzle comes with experience. Or play sudoku online - the wrong numbers will be highlighted in a different color. This will help to adapt to the game. During this lesson, logic develops, so the level can be gradually complicated. Also watch the video attached to the article.

Good luck!