How to play metal?

Many of us love music. Someone loves jazz, some pop music, well, and many love metal. How to play metal - well, a very interesting topic. To touch it superficially is just an insult to tens of thousands of rock music performers and millions of hard-hit fans. That is why the Internet has a great variety of resources devoted entirely to metal and how to learn to play it. Let's at least sort things out, within the framework of the regulations, how to play metal.

How to start playing metal

I would like to laugh it off, they say, you need a black guitar, the same black beard and long hair, preferably black. This is one of the common stamps, and you will not run away from it anywhere. Metalworkers are serious people. In addition, they reliably protect the mysteries of knowledge about how to play metal. Break the entire Internet, interviewing all the little - or less informed acquaintances, having spent a few months searching through the libraries - a concrete answer was never found. So we will have to start playing metal from the beginning, reaching everything yourself.

Playing metal is a matter of responsibility

If all of you firmly decided that the world of metal is your world, then get ready for responsibility. Great responsibility! After all, if your creation, God forbid, sees a wide light ... Do you have any idea that you are claiming the same pedestal on which mastodons like Metallica, AC / DC have been sung for decades? Having estimated the burden of responsibility, we get down to business - it's time to start playing metal.

To play metal, you will need:

  • Quality tool.
  • Charisma and charismatic team.
  • Unique repertoire.
  • Hellish musical compositions.

Metalwork tool

And as always - there is nothing perfect. Someone plays on Fender-ah and Korg-ah utter trash, and someone on an old nameless Japanese of the mid-70s of the last century, a verb, and a strong reef, burn people's hearts. A tool, like a best friend - you can't buy it for money, something more is needed here. Setting up the tool is an extensive topic. But at first, improvisation will not lead to anything good. How to set up a guitar for playing various styles of metal you can read.


To start playing metal, you will need like-minded people. As a rule, there are enough of these, but there is one "but."Since the musical arena and rock is not an exception is a show, you simply cannot afford to be inconspicuous. It is not only about clothes, but also about your behavior, your personality and your views. This item can be omitted if you are not going to conquer musical Olympus.


The lyrics of your songs, oddly enough, most likely have already been sung by someone before. And this is not surprising - metal is much older than you. And they started to play metal to those who were easier than you - before them there was nobody. So, put up with injustice and try to do something unique. If you are worried about a hackneyed topic, then try to at least look at it from a new, previously unused angle.


Metal, he and in Africa, metal. Hard, fast, rhythmically. Long solos and vibrant diaphragm parts of several guitars at once. The fact that you have to learn to play the guitar should not be surprising. I advise for beginners program Guitar Pro. A huge number of tabs of various songs of famous artists can be found. I think you started to realize how you can start playing metal.