How to play Gosloto?

During my childhood, a distinctive feature of Sunday morning was the show of the program devoted to the rally of “Sportsloto” on TV. For some reason, the parents always watched it, although they did not play this lottery.

For me, the process of choosing the next issue seemed to be some kind of magic. A big, pot-bellied, round drum in which balls with numbers fervently spin, and at a certain moment, which you usually wait so long, is a miracle! Some one ball rolls into the groove below. And the presenter happily calls the number written on the ball.

Now there is no such transfer, but similar lotteries have remained.

One of these is the All-Russian State Lottery - Gosloto, the proceeds of which finance the construction of sports facilities and complexes. The first edition took place on November 10, 2008.

How to play Gosloto

  • find the official distributor of the lottery in your city;
  • receive a free coupon and fill it in accordance with the rules;
  • Give the coupon to the distributor: he will scan it with a lottery terminal;
  • pay a lottery bet;
  • get a lottery ticket printed by the terminal;
  • Wait for the results of the draw.

The rules of Gosloto are simple, as in the famous Soviet lottery Sportloto. The principle of the game is to try to guess a certain number of numbers issued by the drum, in different combinations: 5 numbers from 36, 6 numbers from 45 and 7 from 49.

The lottery coupon consists of six playing fields, which are marked with letters in alphabetical order from "A" to "E". Each field should be noted a certain number of numbers, depending on the type of combination (5 out of 36, 6 out of 45 or 7 out of 49). At the prize draw, winning combinations of numbers are determined with the help of a lottery machine. To win, you must guess at least 2 numbers. The prize amount for guessing numbers is fixed.

If you fill in more coupons, then the probability of receiving a prize will also increase. You can also fill in the fields “automatically”, then the numbers will be chosen randomly by the terminal when the lottery bet will be paid.

If you manage to guess all the numbers from the combination, the winner gets a super prize.

Super prize or jackpot - the amount of the unrequited prize pool, going from circulation to circulation, untiluntil all the numbers from the combination are won. If the winner is a few people, they divide the super prize among themselves in equal parts.

The cost of participation in Gosloto is the size of the lottery bet. It is calculated as follows:

  • the cost of a game combination * the number of selected combinations * the number of draws in which the lottery bet is involved

Consider the features of the game in each combination:

  • Gosloto 5 out of 36. The rules are as follows: There are 36 numbers in six playing fields and only 5 of them are winning. One combination costs 10 rubles. Circulations of this combination are held daily.
  • Gosloto 6 out of 45. The rules are as follows: There are 45 numbers in six game fields, 6 of them are winning. The cost of one combination is 30 rubles. The circulation of this game is played 3 times a week.
  • Gosloto 7 out of 49. The rules in this case are similar: In six playing fields there are 49 numbers each, in order to win, you must guess all 7 numbers. One combination of numbers costs 40 rubles. Lottery 7 out of 49 runs on Sunday - once a week.

Previously, the Gosloto draws were broadcast on TV channels. To date, the lottery draws can only be viewed in the records, which are laid out on the Internet after 23-00 on the day of the draw.