How to pay Tricolor?

The now popular television "Tricolor" provides many opportunities to pay for their services. In the article we will list all the ways to pay for the Tricolor, and we will start with the most popular ones - with the help of the Internet, a bank card and, of course, through the largest Russian bank - Sberbank.

How to pay tricolor via the Internet

The most convenient way today is, perhaps, payment by electronic money. Payment for Tricolor services is now available through e-money systems such as WebMoney, Yandex.Money, and Ciwi Wallet and other systems: Robox, Wallet One, PSKB, e-POS, PayStore, Cyberplat, Eleksnet and Mobile Map. Payment through these systems is very simple. Consider the most popular services. In order to pay the amount in electronic money, it is enough to open your wallet at the time of payment and enter the payment password - the required amount will be automatically transferred to the account of cable television owners. As for other systems, such as, for example, Qiwi-wallet, then you need to go to your wallet on the site and select "Tricolor" in the list of companies, after which you can make a payment.In addition, through the Internet, you can pay for the services of "Tricolor" and with the help of Internet banking services - directly from your page on the bank's website, with which this TV service operator cooperates. These are such banks as Alfa Bank, Intesa Bank, Absolut Bank, Uralsib, Russian Standard, Svyaznoy Bank, Russian Agricultural Bank, Kukuruza Bank, and Moscow Credit Bank and Bank of St. Petersburg.

Other payment methods

How to pay tricolor credit card? If you have MasterCard or Maestro bank cards, then you can also make a payment via the Internet - and without any commission. The same method is also suitable for how to pay Tricolor through Sberbank. However, you can pay for the services of the company through payment terminals and ATMs. To do this, in the menu you will need to find "Tricolor" and enter your account number in order for the payment to be credited to you. The company cooperates with almost all payment terminal systems, so you can easily find it in the mailing list. You can pay for the Tricolor services through the terminals Qiwi, Eleksnet, Cyberplat, Svyaznoy and many others, including through the terminals of the Savings Bank.However, these methods have a certain drawback - an additional commission charged, which is different for each company. So, before paying, check which commission will be taken from you to decide whether it is beneficial to you or not. You can pay for the services of the company through the mail and in the salons of communication - for this you need to know the details and, at least, the number of your contract. In addition, “Tricolor” has its own payment cards, which can be bought from the company's dealers in different places. You need to activate this card through your personal account here. Finally, the payment for the company's services can be made from a mobile phone through various systems. From operators direct payment is possible through the "MTS". Well, we have listed all the ways to pay for "Tricolor TV". Well, for direct payment using electronic means of commerce and more information, visit.