How to pack a suitcase

You will need
  • - suitcase on wheels;
  • - lock to the suitcase;
  • - bright tape or sticker;
  • - Covers for clothes and shoes;
  • - cosmetic bags.
First of all, decide what you need to travel (based on the type of trip and the season). It is best to take a piece of paper and make a list of necessary things, dividing them into groups (documents, equipment, medicines, clothing, etc.). When the list is ready, go over it again and make sure that you have not missed anything. After that, you can proceed directly to the collection.
Prepare covers for clothes and shoe bags. Each type of clothing and each pair of shoes should be in separate covers. For creams, shampoos and medicines, medium-sized cosmetic bags are perfect.
Spread all the things on the bed and sort them. Tops fold in one direction, dresses - in the other, etc. Get your shoes off. Pack it in fabric shoe bags and place it gently on the bottom.suitcases.
Put shoes on your shoes. They can be folded in half.Then put the towels and linen.
Tops and T-shirts are recommended to roll in the tubes. So they better keep their shape. Lay the jersey face down on the table, fold the sleeves and wrap it from top to bottom. Put the dresses on the shirts. If you go to a seaside resort, put swimsuits and other beachwear to the top.
Take cosmetic bags and carefully fold in them medicines, shampoos, creams and other hygiene products. Put cosmetic bags in the side pocketsuitcases.
Check the list and make sure you don't forget anything. When everything is assembled, tighten the straps and close the suitcase. If it does not have an internal combination lock, use a special lock with keys for the suitcases.
Remember that confusion often happens with luggage. Therefore, in order to easily identify your suitcase and protect yourself from trouble, stick a bright sticker on it or tie a ribbon to the handle.
Offer from our partner
There are different types of luggage. If you have to fly, the suitcase must be waterproof, with strong walls and handles. Traveling by car is better to prefer soft suitcases.Ladies fit small roomy suitcases on wheels. Those who go on a trip with the whole family will need a roomy suitcase with wheels, which are fixed on strong slats and able to rotate in a circle.
Helpful advice
Do not overfill the suitcase. It is fraught with a lightning bolt.
Shampoos, shower gels and other personal care products should be in small packages.