How to overcome fear or phobia?

������Consider one of these methods - the method of NLP "Double dissociation." After studying the nuances of the technique, you can apply it on yourself and feel the result.
For this you need 10-20 minutes of free time.
1. Introducing yourself in the auditorium.
�������Close your eyes and imagine yourself sitting in a large cinema in the middle of the auditorium.
�������Then you have to do a rather strange procedure. Imagine that you, as it were, get out of your body and go to the projection booth behind the auditorium. Thus, you see yourself sitting in the center of the auditorium from the back and in front of the big screen. This technique is called double dissociation. You are twice separated from the story that will now be shown on the screen.
2. View a frightening situation.
�����Now you have to watch from a new perspective (seeing yourself looking at the screen) a small film that you are very afraid of.
���������If this is a public appearance that is coming up soon - this is a film about him If they are spiders or snakes, then they will show them. You can work on this technique with a fairly wide class of fears and phobias. The main thing is that in the film that you watch, there should be those pictures that in real life cause you to have a strong fear or anxiety. That is, if you are afraid of heights, there should be a scene in your film, for example, how you approach the balcony, open it and look down and see what scares you most of all - a picture from a height.
����������The film should contain a small stage, during which you usually feel uncomfortable.
����������Since you are now in a double dissociation with respect to the situation of your fear, you simply cannot feel the real fear. Check it. View your small stage from the projection booth at the end of the auditorium, out of the corner of your eye, watching yourself, sitting in the hall facing the screen. Most likely, the most unpleasant sensation can only be a slight anxiety, but usually it does not happen.
3. View the situation from the "end to the beginning."
��������So, you watched a small scene from a new perspective.Now you need to turn on your imagination again. Go back to yourself, sitting in the room and on the screen at the end of your story. Only now you are at the end of the story in a different position - from the first person.
���������And now very quickly scroll the film in the other direction, from the end to the beginning in the first-person position. This can be compared with how on old video recorders you could rewind the film back and see a picture where the action takes place in the opposite direction. People walk backwards, tea from a cup flows into a kettle, etc.
��������Let it take you only a few seconds to scroll the movie in the opposite direction. It is necessary to show the brain that you have already lived through this event and nothing bad has happened.
�������That's all you had to do.
�������As practice shows, after going through this procedure, the tension of fear is reduced by about half. In some cases, it needs to be repeated several times or used before a situation causing fear or excitement.