How to open a word document?

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How to open a word document?

Word is one of the most popular text editors. Basically, in order to open a doc format document that reads a text editor, no effort is required from the user. However, there are times when the document does not open. The reasons for this may be different, so in this article we will look at them in detail.

Also in the article you can find information on how to open documents in doc format and other text formats using similar text editors from Microsoft.

How to open a text document using word

This is a fairly simple operation that even a child can handle.

  1. You need to select the text document you want to open. Click on it with the right mouse button and select “Open with” in the context menu.
  2. Then from the list you need to select the text editor word. Thus, you can open documents in docx, doc, dot, docm, xml, xps and others.

Also, the user can open in new versions of the word text editor documents that have been saved in older versions.It should be borne in mind, however, that some formats, for example, pdf, may have incomplete compliance with the original document when opened in this text editor. They are recommended to open in the specialized software adobe pdf reader.

If word does not open documents

One of the main reasons for the refusal of the text editor word to open one or another document is file corruption. You can recover a damaged file using the built-in recovery function. To do this, open a text editor and go to the “File” tab, then “Open” and select “Open and restore” from the pop-up menu.

This method is considered very effective, however, it does not guarantee the recovery of the entire text. Part of the file may still notWordviewsubject to recovery.

Also quite an effective method is the use of a special program. It allows you to recover documents microsoft word, excel.

Another reason may be an outdated version of your text editor. You can easily update it, however, if you used a key obtained in an illegal way, then you will have to pay for the new version.

At the same time, Microsoft offers free alternatives to the word text editor. We are talking about the so-called viewer programs. They allow you to open and view, as well as print text. At the same time, their functionality is very limited compared to the full package. You can download these analogues on these links:

  • - Excel file viewer;
  • - Word file viewer.

Users are encouraged to save the text in order to avoid problems with its recovery. But if you still did not save the document and it was lost, you have the opportunity to restore it.