How to open a business in 2018

First you must choose your original business idea. There are many methods to start your own business. This may be the provision of various goods and services (shop, catering, hairdresser, service station), and mediation in the sale of foreign goods. In addition, you can turn your hobby into a business. In the presence of funds, you can purchase a ready business
The next step towards opening your own business is a business plan. Take it seriously in your account, as this is a project of your future business. It will allow you not only to study and evaluate the prospects of the project, but also to attract investments. Usually a business plan is written for 2-3 years.
Your business plan is ready. Now with its help you can start searching for sources of financing. There are many ways to attract business investments, including loans, grants and subsidies, leasing and franchising. You can also take part in various tenders and apply for government orders.
Now the main question to decide which form of business to choose is an individual enterprise or a legal entity. So, if you are going to run a small business, then it is easier to register as an individual entrepreneur. If you are planning a large-scale business project, then the best way is to register a legal entity.
Next, you need to go through the state business registration. To do this, you must be entered into the Unified State Register of Individual Entrepreneurs (EGRIP) or legal entities (USRLE). Also, you must get a tax account.
Next: take all the necessary documents to the tax office, order a seal and open a checking account. It's time to move on to the organization of the production process, i.e. look for space, buy and install the necessary equipment, pick up staff.
Now the main thing is to competently build further business development.