How to notify tax account opening in 2018

According to Russian tax law, you must notify the FTS ofopeningaccountsfor seven days. You can see the opening date in the information letter received in the bank.
To notify the FTS, use the unified form No. С-09-1, which consists of three pages. Fill the last one if the account is opened with the Federal Treasury. Prepare the form in duplicate, one of which you give to the inspection, and leave the second one, marked FTS.
First write down the TIN and KPP of your organization, this information can be obtained from the certificate of registration with the tax inspectorate or in an extract from the Unified State Register of Legal Entities (EGRYUP). Number the pages.
Next, underline the form in the title, that information is given specifically aboutopeningfacialaccounts. Also on the first page you must write the name of the organization, codes (OGRN, OGRNP), indicate the contact information and the name of the head of the organization or his representative.Be sure to specify the date of the document and put the blue print of the company.
On the second page, enter the number and date of opening of the settlementaccounts(You can get this information from the information letter received in the bank). Also write the name of the bank, its postal address, TIN, PPC and BIC. Below put a signature that will certify the above data.
After completing this form, contact your tax office. If you are a representative of a legal entity, in addition to the form, you must provide a power of attorney executed in your name. In the event that you can not come to the FTS, you can send the form by mail. To do this, make an inventory of the attachment, on which the mail officer will mark. It is the date indicated on it and will be the date of the provision of information.