How to name a restaurant?

Tatyana Ionina
Tatyana Ionina
April 2, 2013
How to name a restaurant?

No wonder the choice of the name of what, or whoever you want, people pay increased attention. And all because the name of the restaurant, like the name, will accompany its owner all his life, determine and in every way influence the future fate. And in the head of the future owner the question arises - what should I call a restaurant? Flour and wailing are waiting for a restaurateur. Without this in any way. To facilitate creative torment, we will explain the points of how to start and what should be focused on.

The magic word "concept"

Before you start exploring the beautiful names of restaurants, you should think: what story can please the newly-made restaurant? It is necessary to think about everything to the smallest detail: what kind of kitchen will be presented, in what style will the interior be made, what original ideas will be realized in this institution. Invented? Will it be a ship restaurant, an Indian restaurant with elephants or a typical European version? Wow, there are a lot of options, but you really want something unique! The riddle hidden in the title attracts morethan all sorts of so-called "tasty" names.

Say a decisive "no": "Sweet tooth", "Yummy", "Yum fingers". All of these names are good for the fast food industry. The name of the restaurant should be stately, intriguing and alluring. This is a dogma. If your own fantasy brings, you can use. Or turn to the masters of the word - the time of the time. By the way, if you equate the best names of restaurants to the best places of this kind, then the most popular ones are recognized: “Oriental Constellation”, “Bondiorno”, “I Love Cake”. And this is not the whole list.

Where are you from, name?

Just wondering how you can call a restaurant, a lot of ideas arise. How to organize them? We give a list of frequently used techniques.

  • Power in the name. Often restaurants are named after a famous figure. For example: “Onegin”, “Nabokov”.
  • Nationality in the trend. Also often used by national names. Here is an example: “Wasabi”, “Genghis Khan”.
  • Geography taxis. Any geographic location can be used in the title. In confirmation: "Asia Mix", "Arbat".
  • Foreign land. There are foreign names: "Red Apple", "Mojo".
  • Literary verses. In the naming of restaurants, literary characters or works are especially popular: “Mu-mu”, “Chichikov”.
  • Joke to please the viewer. To laugh once again nobody away, therefore original names of restaurants are invented: “Penek”, “Boobs”, etc.

Yes, now food for thought has increased, but a little more, and the idea of ​​the name will arise by itself. Good luck in the restaurant-shark business!