How to manage time?

Do you always have no time for anything? Would you like to have 24 days, but at least 48 hours? It seems that in one day to cope with all things unrealistic? You just do not know how to effectively manage your time. Time management system teaches how to effectively manage time.

Many people work only 6 hours a day, while they manage to do all the work and they still have time for entertainment, recreation and leisure. The basics of time management system time management, we consider in this article.

The task of this technology is to form your habit of getting rid of unnecessary and secondary tasks. We will dwell on each effective technique that will allow you to correctly manage time.

Every day like last

Try to distract for a second and imagine that tomorrow you will not become. What would you do in the first place? That is what you need to devote yourself in the first place. What first came to your mind is the main task for you at the moment.

Daily planning

We used to plan events for several months, or even years in advance. However, such planning brings little benefit. Most often these are empty dreams and dreams. Instead, take 15 minutes daily to plan your day. By sticking to a predetermined schedule, you will learn how to manage time, without being distracted by other activities. And about this next point.

Eliminate stupid classes

Games, social networks, watching TV or reading fiction - all this can be a good way to relax after a hard day’s work, but it takes a lot of free time from you, which you could spend on more useful activities. If you like to read, replace your fiction professional. Delete your account in the social. networks - there is a telephone for communication. The amount of useful information on the Internet is minimal - even if you read some interesting article today, in a month you don’t remember a single word from it, which means that time was wasted reading it. Any knowledge will be effective only if applied in practice.From the rest it is better to give up.

Learn to refuse people

Not only objects, but also people can become for you a kind of “time devourers”. Of course, it is not difficult for you to throw in the kindergarten of a neighbor child on the way to work. It will take you some extra 10 minutes. And, of course, it’s not difficult for you to spend 5 minutes and complete a social survey by phone. But imagine how long it will take you all this in total? So do not hesitate to deny people requests where you think they can cope without you, or if you feel that you have much more work than they do.

Delegate responsibilities

Do not charge everything all at once. No wonder people came up with the distribution of responsibilities at work, in society and in the family. Implement this system in all areas of your life. If you have to spend half a day cleaning the house instead of working or doing some other, more useful things, ask a relative to take on this task or, in extreme cases, hire a cleaner. In the end, it will be more profitable for you than to spend your precious time on it.

Get some rest!

Mired in business, do not forget about the rest. If your body is tired or constantly emotionally depressed, you will be much less effective in solving pressing problems and will not be able to adequately assess your environment. Give preference to active and varied rest, rather than banal lying on the couch. The best assistant in this is sport.