How to make yourself read?

Anastasia Shostak
Anastasia Shostak
March 28, 2013
How to make yourself read?

Previously, all people wanted and wanted to read in order to get a certain emotional background. Today, the need to read books has become noticeably dulled, because emotions are increasingly fed by the Internet.

The way how to make myself read

  1. It is necessary to write down what you want in life right now, what you are striving for. Our life becomes so fleeting, and most often wins the person who can act faster than anyone. Always write down your nearest desire, need, goal that you want to achieve right now.
  2. Find interesting magazines, books, newspapers, where they talk about how best and faster to achieve their goals. These books exist, even if they have never come across to you. Your task is not just to read any books, but to read something that can help fulfill your desires and needs. These books make it easy to develop the habit of reading, then to go to poems, poems and stories - to something less practical.
  3. You can read and immediately put into practice. Books should lead you to the goal. If one book "does not work", look for another. There are a lot of books, but there are a lot less great books.

How to make yourself read books

First you need to choose the books of the genre that you like. Choose a few authors who have really proven themselves. It can be detectives and romance novels.

To read yourself you need to configure. Take time to go into the book, to understand it. This may require a lot of effort from you, but if you can get carried away, then reading will go and be able to give you real pleasure.

For a good habit, you need to take this: carry a book everywhere with you. When you sit in a large queue to the doctor - it's time to read a book, when you expect a friend in a cafe - pull the book out of your purse, when you are going for a walk with your baby - do not forget about the brochure.

Today in the modern world there is also an alternative to a book in a binding. Electronic media are considered very convenient. After all, it is much easier to download interesting novels from the Internet than to choose them in the store. Can be used for reading and audio versions of books.