How to do the tuning?

If you decide to refine the appearance of your car, then first, you need to find enough information telling about the detailed stages of the work. Changing the appearance of the car is not so much airbrushing, body painting or decals on the sides of the car, as a chance to improve the aerodynamics of your car. This will help you install body kit. When deciding how to do the tuning yourself, it’s worth thinking about installing a new grille with a fairly large section of holes. This will increase the saturation of the engine and radiator with air. You can also make additional holes in the bonnet. These actions will have a good effect on the cooling ability of the motor, which will contribute to the improvement of the dynamic and power characteristics of your car.

Interior tuning

Before you make tuning cars, you need to decide that the first thing you will change. There are two options - changing the appearance of the car, and changing the cabin. For such work you will need a material suitable for upholstery, instrument scale, noise insulation materials and vinyl film.In order to properly use these improvised means, you need to know how to do interior tuning. It is necessary to begin with the improvement of noise insulation. This method will improve the quality of the interior of your car and the trip will become more comfortable in the future. Noise isolation not only deprives the car interior of extraneous noise, but also allows insulating the car. After such measures, you can easily drive in a car in the winter in just one sweater, and not in a fur coat, hat and gloves.

  • For interior insulation, it is better to use quality materials, preferably brands known to you. Before you start tuning the car's interior with noise insulation materials, you need to remove the front seats and the torpedo from the passenger compartment.
  • Before laying the soundproofing material on the bottom of the car, you must first cover it with a protective agent that prevents corrosion. Engine compartment must be insulated. This will provide you a quiet ride, without excessive engine noise at high speeds. You can experiment by changing the thickness of the noise insulation panels.
  • When the cabin soundproofing is completed, you can proceed to the interior trim.The most suitable material for upholstery leather is the best natural.
  • The front seats are also better to change. Install better new chairs with anatomical support. Steering wheel can also be covered with leather.
  • Devices can also be updated. You can not replace everything, replace the instrument scales. It is better to install devices with a phosphor coating. They are visible at dusk and they will add an updated look to the dashboard.

Tuning bumper

Before you make tuning the bumper, you need to decide on the shape of the bumper, based on the features of the car. After that, you can start to shape the bumper base. For all protruding parts usually use plywood, which is glued to the putty. Or you can fill the inside of the bumper with foam, so you can give the bumper a relief. The bumps on the bumper is better from laminate.

  • It is better to use the Mold Release separator. It should be smeared on the glass, and after it dries, apply the glass mat to the glass. Glass mat must first be impregnated with hardener and resin. Next, put the car putty. You can give the bumper the desired shape.
  • Further, continuing tuning of a bumper, you can use the sphere. It is made of 5 liters of microsphere powder and 5 liters of polyester resin. This mixture will be a suitable substitute for car putty. Your product may need to be puttied several times to get the desired shape.
  • After that, the layer of putty is checked for irregularities. The surface of the future bumper should be smooth, so the irregularities are treated with sandpaper. After the final model is ready, and has the desired shape, the last layer is applied. The last to be applied is gravity spray, it looks like a putty, but has primer functions.
  • Using a primer gun having a nozzle diameter of 2-3 mm, distribute the substance over the entire surface of the bumper model. Better to keep the gun at a distance of approximately 50 cm. Due to the fact that the gravgrass quickly hardens, it is usually applied in several layers. Next, you need to wait two hours. After this time, the surface will be convenient for further processing.
  • The surface must be treated with sandpaper. Wear gloves on your hands. Then you need to make a matrix.On such a matrix, you need to make bends. They are needed to get there the remains of fiberglass. For the manufacture of limb made strips of laminate having a thickness of 1 mm. In places with rounding, set flanging. The flanging is installed inside the bumper, directly onto the car putty. This is a fairly time-consuming process, so you can find and watch a video on how to do a bumper tuning, with a step-by-step explanation. Especially it concerns the processing of blanks for the bumper and giving them the desired shape.

Now you know the main points of how to make tuning your car yourself. This will allow you to realize your own creative ideas. So your iron horse will be different from all the others, and you will be able to boast of skill to your friends, and maybe offer such services to your friends.