How to make swing gates

You will need
  • - 4 hinges for gates with long reach;
  • - bar 50x50 mm;
  • - planed board 20x140 mm;
  • - screws 4x50 mm;
  • - drill.
Check the quality of the installation of support posts for gates in the ground. They must be thoroughly dug into the ground, and better concreted, because This is the supporting unit of the whole structure.
Fasten the hinges on the support posts. When installing the lower hinges, decide on the lower edge of the gate, taking into account the uneven ground, the presence of grass, snow cover, etc. Depending on whether wooden poles or metal, the short part of the loop is welded or screwed to the supports with screws.
Measure the distance from one to the other of the support column in the loop area. In this size, cut two bars with a section of 50x50 mm. Screw them to full length loops on both sides. Mark the middle of these horizontal bars.
Mark the diagonal bars. They will be located in the direction from the lower loops to the upper bar, not reaching 20-25 cm to its middle.To do this, attach the bar in the right direction to the horizontal bars and make pencil marks below and above. Carefully cut the bar along these marks so that the saw cuts tightly to both the lower and upper bars. Attach the diagonal bars into place using 70 mm screws for the connection.
Cut the shtaketnik from the planed board, taking into account the shape of the future gate. Based on the length of the horizontal bars, calculate the distance between the picket boards. Cut a block-template of this size to control the distance between the boards. On one side, attach a board or a screw to it so that the template can hang on the upper bar.
Nail the picket fence from center to edge using a template. Screw the first board in the fence along a plumb line or level, at a distance of the template from the central mark of the horizontal bar. Fasten the boards with two screws with a diameter of 50 mm above and below and one screw into the diagonal bar. Screw the fence mirror in both directions from the center.
From the central marks in both directions, make two lines for the thickness of the picket fence on the upper and lower horizontal bars.In the upper and lower bars, make two cuts at 90 degrees. The gate can now be opened.
Fold the two boards of the picket fence together flat, insert them into the resulting cut. Mark on them the junction of horizontal bars. Each board should have two pencil squares. Drill holes in them for fastening with screws (2 for each). Under each marked box, you also need to drill a hole with a diameter of 25 mm. To do this, it is more convenient to put together the face boards of the picket fence and drill them at the same time - the holes in them must match.
Screw the end boards into place. Check that the gate closes and that the end holes match. In one of the valves insert into these holes along the stick with a rounded end from the outside, protruding 2-3 cm. Screw them to the horizontal bars. Getting into the adjacent holes on the second end of the board, these sticks will secure the gate leaves.
In the lower part of one of the valves, with the help of metal lugs, it is necessary to attach a l-shaped handle made of a metal pipe or fittings, which in the closed position will fix the sash, using a pipe section driven into or dug into the ground under the gate.