How to make slippers?

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How to make slippers?

Slippers for the house are different: room, bath, for guests, with closed or open toe, with a backdrop or without. If you like needlework, sew or knit slippers for yourself and your family. How to make slippers yourself, tell today's article.

Slippers from felt for half an hour

Felt makes simple, but at the same time cute slippers in which you can comfortably walk around the apartment.

Making a slipper out of felt in half an hour will be helped by a template that needs to be performed according to the measurements taken:

  1. Take a sheet of paper or cardboard format A3. Put in the middle of the sheet any slippers, shoes or flip-flops. Circle his sole.
  2. On the sides of the footprint in the places of the upper rails draw the left and right rails 18-20 cm long. Cut out the template along the contour.
  3. Now take the felt and transfer the pattern to the material. Cut along the contour.
  4. Take 2 large buttons and sew in the place of overlap of the upper rails.

Slippers of felt ready. They are light and comfortable.On other options for sewing slippers with their own hands, read the article - How to sew slippers.

Knitted slippers with leather soles

To knit slippers, you need yarn, stocking needles, a hook, an awl, and one pair of leather soles.

The main process of working on slippers is to knit the feet and top, as when knitting classic socks.

  1. First, knit your foot, starting from the backdrop. Dial the number of needlesslippersloops equal to the width of the leather sole.
  2. After go to the stocking knitting needles and knit in front of future slippers.
  3. Take a leather sole and make holes for the hook with an awl.
  4. To attach the knitted part to the sole, take the hook into work and, tying the edge of the sole, pick up the associated detail.
  5. To give the finished look to the slippers, tie the top and the heel of the product with a "Hip-Hop" yarn.

Slippers knitting ready. Other options knitted slippers do-it-yourselfers are described in the article - How to knit slippers with knitting needles.

Crocheted soft slippers

For knitting light and soft slippers with a back, take a hook, yarn - 100 grams and 2 buttons.

Operating procedure:

  1. Tie a chain of 20 in. loops and tie in a circle 8 rows with columns b / nCrocheted soft slipperswhile simultaneously adding 4 loops at each end of the chain.
  2. The following 2 rows knit without additions.
  3. Next, perform a decrease in the area of ​​the sock slipper from 11 to 15 row evenly in 4 loops.
  4. Now tie a decorative button closure. To do this, type a chain of 15 loops and * knit a row of columns b / n, first on one side of the chain, ending the first row with 4 columns b / n, and then go to the second side of the chain *. Repeat 2 more times from * to *.
  5. Sew a strap and a button to the finished product.

Crochet slippers are ready.