How to make paper origami?

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How to make paper origami?

Origami is a very popular hobby of many people. With the help of a sheet of paper, scissors and fantasy, you can make the most unusual figures of different animals, objects and even people. Having made several figures of origami, you can connect them with glue in truly grand compositions. Try to make only one figure, and such an activity, how to make paper from origami, will be interesting for you, and maybe your favorite pastime.

Try to collect a rose. To do this, you will need a piece of paper, patience and some free time. Remember that in order to make paper origami, you need accuracy and patience.

Sheet preparation

  1. Square. First you need to take a square sheet of enough soft paper of the color you want. If you have a standard A4 sheet, then you can bend it diagonally, pressing the top side to the side, and cut off the remnants.
  2. 16 squares. Now we need to divide our square into 16 parts. To do this, bend the square in half, and then again in half. Unfolding, you will see 3 lines.Now turn the paper over and do the same on the other side to make a kind of grid of bends:
  3. Now fold the corners inward so that they coincide with the inner corners of the corner squares:
  4. Turn the paper over so that the folded corners are on the other side. Now bend one side of the square and press it to the far fold line. Repeat this on each of the four sides:
  5. Now fold the sheet diagonally. Also in all 4 sides:
  6. When you have a triangle with cut corners, bend the top, which is the center of the whole figure, connecting it with the nearest line:
  7. Expand the square, leaving only the corners curved. Turn it over so that the bent corners are in your direction.
  8. Now again align the side with the far line and bend the bottom corner. Repeat with all parties:
  9. Now it is necessary to achieve a fold between the points shown:

    Always repeat actions from all sides.
  10. Now we need to achieve a fold between the obtuse angle of the wrapped corner and its center:
  11. Again, turn the workpiece angles away and make the last folds.It needs to be done between the middle of the wrapped corner and the top of the triangle on the adjacent side:
  12. Now check whether all the lines have turned out:

Preparation in how to make paper origami, completed.

Folding rose

  1. Turn the workpiece angles toward you and turn it so that the corners are above, below and on the sides. Bend the sheet down by joining the folded corners, and push down on the central square:
  2. Now bend the left part of the fold and others until you achieve this result:
  3. Flip the sheet and at the same time fold the four lines shown:
  4. Then fold as shown in the picture:

  5. Here is what you should end up with:
  6. We fill one layer of paper in another:

  7. Bend the corner, fixing the position:

  8. Turn the rose in sharp corners up:
  9. Twist loose ends:

  10. Turn the rose petals up and twist them a little:

Rose is ready! You can add a leaf and a stem, make a few more and put them in a vase. This is an easy way to make a rose from origami paper. There is a more complex one that you can find.