How to make nails long?

Kristina Firsova
Kristina Firsova
April 4, 2013
How to make nails long?

Many girls and women have bad nails. There are many reasons for this, and in each case there can be one. Today we will talk about how to make your nails long, what you need to do. To begin, let's consider the option of natural, that is, natural growing of nails.

Nail care

By themselves, the nails grow, but each girl has different ways. You can accelerate the growth of nails, but then you need a special care. Now the shops sell a lot of tools that are designed to treat and strengthen the nails, for example, "Smart enamel", various lacquers, strengtheners, gels and shellacs. They make nails thicker and stronger, and healthy nails grow faster.

For lovers of folk remedies, it is advisable to make baths for nails:

  1. Tray with lemon: type warm water in a small container, squeeze the juice from the half of the lemon into it and mix it with water, dip the fingers into the mixture so that the nails of both hands are completely in the water.Sit like this for about 15 minutes, then wash your hands and spread them with cream. Alternative: take a lemon, cut it in two halves and run fingers into each one to the level of nails. So you need to sit for a few minutes, then wash your hands and spread them with cream.
  2. Sea salt bath: dissolve a small amount of sea salt in a container of warm water, put your hands in it and hold for about 20 minutes. After that, you need to wash your hands and lubricate the cream.

But if your nails are not amenable to folk remedies, you cannot do without intervention. What kind of intervention are we talking about? About building. You just come to the nail master and say: I want long nails!

Nail extensions

In the modern world there are many different ways to increase nails in length, for example, acrylic extensions. What it is? This is a build-up on tips or forms (artificial nails are attached to your nails with special glue and treated with special devices). If you want to familiarize yourself with such a build-up as accurately as possible, then after going through, you will find the information you are interested in.

Another way - gel building.What does it mean? They stick forms to your nails (small ones on the ends of the nails), file and do everything necessary to give the nail a natural look, at the end they are treated with gel. All the exact information on the gel capacity you will find, passing on this.