How to make lines in a Word?

Ms Word is a universal text editor in which it is convenient not only to record information, but also to prepare it for printing. Moreover, in the Word, you can make various kinds of forms and official documents. In this regard, you should know several ways in how to make lines, so that it looks neat and comfortable.

Work with text lines

  • Let's start with the elementary: in order to move to a new line, you must press the "Enter" key. If you do not do this, the editor will automatically wrap a word that does not fit into the previous line;
  • There is also a distance between the lines. By default, the line spacing is 1.15. If necessary, you can change the value of the line spacing using a special button on the Home tab. The button looks like a few horizontal lines with up and down arrows. Before clicking on this button, you must select the piece of text that needs changing the spacing between lines. For example, the standard line spacing for student work is 1.5;
  • You can also align the position of the lines relative to the sheet.To do this, you must use one of the buttons on the Home tab of the Paragraph section. The options are: Left Alignment, Center Alignment, Right Alignment, Width Alignment.

These are the main text string settings in MS Word.

Create lines as lines

Horizontal lines are usually used when creating forms, when it is implied that a person will write something by hand. There are several ways to create horizontal lines in the Word:

  • The fastest way is to click “Enter” several times in the right place, and then select the resulting space and click “Internal horizontal border” in the drop-down list of table borders in the “Home” menu. Thus, you will get a table in which only the lines between the lines will be visible. The distance between these lines can also be adjusted using the “Line spacing”;
  • Another way is much more laborious and less practical. It implies the insertion of such a figure as "Line". You can insert as many lines as you like. To do this, you need to go to the "Insert" tab and in the "Illustrations" field open the drop-down list of the "Figures" button. The line element is in the topmost row.

Rows in the table

Very often when working with tables, it is necessary to add rows. In the Word, this can be done quite easily and quickly. To do this, use one of the following methods:

  • The easiest way is to put the cursor beyond the right border of that line, after which you need to add another line, and press "Enter";
  • On the tab “Work with tables” in the “Layout” mode, you can use the button “Insert from below” or “Insert from above”;
  • On the “Work with Tables” tab in the “Designer” mode, you can also click the “Draw a Table” button and draw with the Pencil as many lines inside or outside the table as you need.