How to make chacha?

Perebasova Evgenia
Perebasova Evgenia
March 26, 2013
How to make chacha?

Chacha is a strong alcoholic drink, the birthplace of which is Georgia. It is also called grape brandy. The production of chacha can be both artisanal (domestic) and industrial. In this article we describe one of the recipes: how to make chacha at home.

Each "winemaker" has their own recipes for making chacha, but they all have one algorithm.

Chacha: recipe


  • Grapes (or you can use the cake, the remainder of the wine)
  • Sugar (the amount depends on your taste, as well as the sweetness of the grapes)
  • Water (cooled boiled)

In Georgia, Rkatsiteli and Isabella grapes are commonly used to make chacha. At the same time, it is not necessary to wash the grapes, as there is a bloom on the berries - natural grape yeast, which is necessary for the natural fermentation of raw materials. That is, in addition to adding yeast in the preparation of chacha is not necessary.

The process of how to make chacha, we begin with the fact that we pour the grapes into enameled dishes (a basin, a large saucepan) and mnem hands.At the same time, the stalk can be left as it is (many believe that with it chacha turns out more aromatic and more specific) or separated. It is necessary to knead berries carefully to crush every berry. If you crush the grapes in portions, then transfer the finished portion to a container prepared for fermenting the wort.

After the whole grapes are wrinkled, mix the sugar and water and pour it into the pulp. We mix everything thoroughly, hermetically close the fermentation tank and leave to ferment for a month (maybe 3 weeks less). In addition, according to some recipes, after five days of fermentation, the mash is decanted, separated from the pulp, and then it wanders for three weeks without it. When laying the raw materials for fermentation, it is worth remembering about the space that must be left in the tank for fermentation.

After the allotted time, or after the visible fermentation process has ended, you can proceed to the distillation of chacha, it is easier to do this with the help of the moonshine, usually chacha is distilled 2 times. In our version, before we drive the chacha, we filter it:

  • With the help of gauze, folded in several layers.
  • Or the tubes through which you pour the wort from the fermentation tank into the moonshine.

This is done so that the pulp does not burn during the distillation and thus does not spoil the taste of chacha. The pulp obtained after decanting is wrapped in gauze and hung inside the moonshine, because pulp gives a special aroma to chache.

After distillation, chacha is cooled and bottled; before consumption, it is better to let the chacha brew for another six weeks; the longer the chacha brews, the tastier it will be.

Now you know how to make chacha, however, the recipe given in the article can be modified, some, for example, do not overtake chacha, just bring to a boil and cool.